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We are Tungsten Flipping Weights supplier from china,We specialize in the production and wholesale Tungsten Flipping Weights.If you want to buy tungsten swiping weights products, you can find more details on the product page >>>here, if you have any questions, please contact us at fishpaby@gmail.com.

bass is a kind of fish that we often catch in Luya. If Luya carp is used, the fake bait that is usually used is a soft worm, but even if the lure has been subdivided into soft lures, there are many different types, and you will Will not pick it? Next, let's take a look at how we can choose a lure for fishing if we want Luya bass.

First, the choice of jellyfish soft bait shape
The soft bait for sea otters is roughly divided into three categories from the dynamics of its water:

1, the tail left and right swing type
Most of these softworms have the shape of a sole of a soft insect, and the representative models are DO110, CH3, 5CM, etc. When the soft bait is dragged in water, the tail dynamics swings to the left and right, and the fishing force is strong.

2, the tail hook type
Representative models such as CT100, ARZM series, etc. When dragging in the water, the soft lure tail rotates dynamically and rotates, giving the impression that the movement is strong, but the fish rate is almost the same as that of the left and right swinging soft insects.

3, irregular type
This kind of soft worm has a special shape, such as slender type, bionic type, application is relatively small.

Secondly, the choice of size and shape, the overall principle of the selection of the size and shape of the soft insect is determined according to the size of the lead hook. The light weight of the lead is relatively small, the selected soft insect is small, the lead is heavy, and the selected soft insect is Large, this is mainly to consider the overall effect of the lead and the soft insects. However, due to the large size of the bass mouth, we can also choose the big hook when using the small-gram lead hook, so the running rate will be less. Therefore, when the small-gram lead hook is used with the big hook, it can still be equipped with a large worm. Does not affect the rate of hooking.

Second, the choice of soft insect color
According to the large amount of actual combat and the feedback information of the national fishing friends, pearl white, silver flash, luminous, red flash, green flash and other color fishing friends are more common, Use China Tungsten Flipping Weights supplier to get more fish. Of course, other colors are also used in a variety of fish, such as dark dark green, deep red and so on. The special emphasis here is on the silver flash soft worm. The effect of the use is closely related to the silver sequins content in the soft insects. The more sequins, the brighter the reflection in the water, the better the effect, because the scales of the fish in the ocean, especially under the belly Most of them are silver-based. It is also one of the most flat colors I usually use.

There is also a red flash worm, which is more powerful in waters that are relatively mixed in water. The other is ARZM soft worm, which has a tail design with a cylindrical transition, a thin slice on the back, excellent water dynamics, and a high fish rate. It is especially suitable for 30, 23, 16 grams and other lead hooks.

There is also a situation in which the fishing friends usually have a preference for the color of the soft bait. If the wall is like a fisherman who has used the fish during use, it may be particularly like this kind of soft bait. In fact, when using it, you can According to the color, weather, and other factors, try several different soft insects, and also the fish. At this time, you will have unique insights into the use of soft insects.
Based on the above factors, I think that the common soft worms can be prepared more, and other dark worms can be prepared in order to be used in different water colors, different weathers and different environments.

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