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Today we will introduce the reels in Luya fishing. The types of fishing reels used in Lu Ya fishing are divided into two categories according to the direction of the main shaft: one is that the main axis is consistent with the direction of appearance; the other is the main The axial direction is perpendicular to the outgoing direction. There are three types according to the shape of the wheel: the spinning wheel, the water drip wheel and the drum wheel, which can all be used as road rollers.
Generally, friends who have just contacted Luya generally have a misunderstanding: only the drip wheel or the drum wheel is the professional road Asian wheel.
In fact, different types of roads and Asian wheels will play a better role in different fishing fields.The master of Luya will not only use a fishing reel to deal with all the fishing spots.It is as if all the fishermen cannot use only a kind of cheap tungsten weights bulk.

The most common type of fishing reel is the spinning wheel. Its main axis direction is consistent with the outgoing direction, the receiving cup is separated from the transmission part of the fishing reel, and the reel handle can be easily interchanged left and right. When selecting the road roller, you should first test its stop clearance. When the one-way rotary switch is closed, shake the handle and stop suddenly. At this time, the wire cup holder of the wheel should stop rotating immediately and there is no cause. The impact sound generated by the gap. The gap-free stop function ensures that the fish's signal when attacking the lure can be transmitted to the angler's hand in a timely and accurate manner through the line and shaft.
The advantages of the spinning wheel are: throwing the bottom of the difficulty, suitable for throwing light bait, suitable for long shot, simple structure, convenient disassembly and maintenance, the widest range of application, and the price is generally lower than the horizontal axis of the same grade.

Disadvantages of the spinning wheel: the accuracy of the throwing and the control in the investment are not as convenient as the horizontal axis, and the fishermen can make up for it through practice.
The common brake system of the spinning wheel has two types of brakes: front brake and rear brake. Above the line cup is a knob for adjusting the brake. The brake pads of the front brake are installed inside the wire cup, so it is called the front brake. The brake system of the rear brake is installed at the rear of the hand crank, so it is called the rear brake.

Compared with the rear brake system, the size of the interior of the wire cup is much larger than the space in which the rear brake system is mounted inside the transmission. Therefore, the front brake system can use one or more sets of large diameter brake pads, and the spacious installation space and the metal wire cup also provide good brake pad heat dissipation performance. The rear brake system is installed inside the gearbox of the online wheel. Due to the limitation of the space size, the brake system can only use the small-diameter brake pads. In order to provide sufficient braking force, multiple sets of brake pads are adopted. Therefore, the overall braking performance is inferior to the front brake system, which is why the design of the rear brake is generally adopted for the spinning wheels used in the Asian fishing and sub-wheel fishing. The advantage of the rear brake is that the adjustment knob is located at the rear of the reel, close to the hand crank of the reel, and it is more convenient to adjust the brake than the front brake when doing fishing. You can choose different design methods according to your needs.

The brake system of the drum wheel is basically the same as the design and structure of the water wheel, and the operation method is the same. Due to the drum type design, the transmission space inside the wheel body is larger than that of the water wheel, and its main drive gear plate can also be correspondingly increased, and at the same time, the size of the brake pad can be larger than that of the water wheel. It also provides greater braking force, so drum-type wheels are often used in boat fishing and lure fishing for large and large-impact fish. In the middle is the view of the hand side of the water wheel, and the water wheel of Luya uses the handle of the double handle. The star knob between the hand crank and the wheel body is the brake adjustment knob of the water wheel. The knob is adjusted in the following direction: the same direction as the rocking direction of the hand crank, the rotation is tightened to increase the braking force, and the loosening is to reduce the brake. force.

Since the brake adjustment knob is close to the hand crank, it is very convenient to adjust the brake during the squid after the fish. The brake pad of the drip wheel is different from the spinning wheel directly on the main drive gear, and the brake pad of a larger size can be used only. Slightly smaller than the main drive gear. Use one or two sets of brake pads to provide sufficient braking force. The name of the drip wheel is named after its streamlined fashion shape, shaped like a drop of water. The main axis of the drip wheel is perpendicular to the direction of the exit line. When the bait is thrown, the rod is swung and the lure is driven to cause the connected fishing line to pull the wire cup out of the line. It is not like the free exit line when the spinning wheel is used to open the wire cup holder. The directivity of the water droplet wheel is higher than that of the spinning wheel, but it is light bait because it needs to drive the wire cup to rotate. The ability is not as good as spinning the wheel. Therefore, in general, the throwing accuracy of the drip wheel is higher than that of the spinning wheel, and the spinning wheel can play its own advantages when it is necessary to throw the light bait and the long shot and the sea fishing.

Knotting is a problem that often occurs when playing a drip wheel. This is due to the fact that the rotation of the cup and the amount of the line cannot be synchronized during the bait process. The actual reason is often because the lure is in the water or during the flight of the lure. The change of wind and wind direction and the influence of sudden gusts slow down the flight speed and the wire cup continues to rotate out of the line, so that a large number of slack fishing lines can not be pulled out of the wheel body will reverse the wire cup and wrap it up. . The fishermen who first played the water-dropping wheel are prone to the phenomenon of the frying line because they are not accustomed to the method of throwing the bait and the adjustment of the reel. It is recommended that the friend who just touched the drip wheel should use the waste line and the larger one. The weight of the plumb bob practice. It is best to use more than 7 grams of lure when using a drip wheel.

The internal structure of the drum wheel is similar to that of the water droplet wheel, and is a layout in which the main axis is perpendicular to the outlet mode. The shape is like a drum, named drum type wheel.

Due to the drum shape, the internal space of the transmission is larger than that of the water wheel. The size of the main drive gear and the main drive shaft are also increased to provide a stronger clamping force or to withstand greater fish pull.

The drum wheel and the water droplet wheel are divided into a left hand wheel and a right hand wheel, and the hand handle cannot be interchanged. In addition to lure fishing, drum-type wheels are often used in boat fishing iron plates. Since the drum type cable gauge does not perform the cable movement when it is out of the line, when the drum type is used as a boat fishing iron wheel, it is often necessary to remove the fishing line and the machine parts when the fish are struggling to escape the line. Use the cable gauge to manually wire the line with your fingers when you take the line. When the bait is sub-fishing, the drum wheel is also as easy to explode as the drip wheel. In addition to a lot of practice, the adjustment of the wheel itself is the same as that of the drip wheel.

Regardless of the reel used, the corresponding main line and the cheap tungsten weights bulk should be matched to achieve the best throwing effect.
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