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cheapest tungsten bullet weights in china

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Today we talk about selection of the hook and the technique of fishing in the stream fly fishing.Use our cheapest tungsten bullet weights to increase the hook rate.
fly fishing is a stream fishing type originating from Europe and the United States, mainly predatory fierce fish in the stream. Stream fly fishing is not simple. Not only need to choose the right hook, but also need to find the punctuation of the brook fish and use the fishing skills.
There are a large number of nymphs in the stream, which is a common type of hook in fly fishing. The time when nymphs live in water accounts for the vast majority of life, and the nymphs such as the genus Hymenoptera can be used as natural samples of imitation  hooks.
The adult ephemera are most common in the sediments of mountain creeks. The pteridophyte is a completely metamorphic insect that lives in the nest. The largest family of the genus Hymenoptera is the family of the stone fly, whose larvae inhabit the bottom of the stream. These nymphs are the main bait for stream fish, and we can find them by arbitrarily turning rocks at the stream.
After we have mastered the characteristics of the stream bait food, it is easy to shape the nymph hooks.And the materials are very wide,if you don't want to make them, you can use the fly hooks.
There are many places in the stream, and where are the fish? For novices, how can we choose a point to throw a hook? As we all know, the main point of fly fishing is to know the characteristics of the stream itself. The appropriate stream should be selected according to the depth and width of the stream, the type of fish and vegetation, and the type of insect. Don't underestimate the choice of the stream, because it can determine how much your fish gets.
In normal circumstances, we have to choose fishing spots where tend to hide in natural specimens.Because the nymphs have a large number of places, that is, the places where the fish gather most. The nymphs are generally fixed in the rapids area and the peaceful beach area and the deep pool below the waterfall, because many nymphs survive in these places. In a word, if you find a place with a large number of nymph specimens, you will find a place where there are many streams of fish.
Although there is no clear specification for the throwing hook, the state of the nymph in the water is not strictly required. we must pay attention to the specific operation methods in several cases, try to make the hooks show the most natural state in the water.
1.Method of operation in the rapids
It is best to use floating front wires for fishing in the rapids. There is no need to add tungsten. When throwing the ball, it is best to be in front of the position. When the hair hook flies onto the water flow, it is necessary to follow the speed of the nymph walking in the water flow and pull the main line, then let the main line pull the hair hook to sink and then float up, so repeatedly. The purpose is to realistically represent the state in which the nymphs are washed down by the rapids or drifting with the waves.
The method of controlling nymphs in the rapids is similar to that of wet flies, but the signal is clearly different from the dry flies. When using dry hard, the main line is slack. When the nymph hook is used, the main line is tight, and the signal of the fish biting is transmitted by the main line. The performance of the line is very prominent. Therefore, the flying fish in the rapids area should generally be quick and the movement should not be slow, and it should not lag. If not, the target will disappear.
2.Tips for flying in the shallows
Many shallows are more complicated, because the water flow is generally slow, there are many branches and other debris deposited, and there are many sloping stones. It is difficult to fish, so if we don’t have many hooks, don’t use it in shallows. Fishing, you can go to other better water to go fishing.
Although the fish in shallows is not large, there are many types of fish, which are still attractive places. If we fly in the shallows, we must pay attention to the skill of throwing.
We should practice more. Before flying fishing, we can shorten the front wire to a length of about 1 meter. The hair hook can no longer add bite. On the front wire, the cotton wire can be used to tie the spherical short float. The role is as a reminder. Signal and locate the water layer. We should try to use the small number of small hooks, skillfully set the throwing, we must pay attention to stop the hair hook after a few seconds, then gently pull back the main line, so that the nymphs maintain a gentle movement.
When pulling, don't be too anxious and too aggressive. Try to pick up the fishing rod to avoid tying the bottom of the worm and damage the hook. Of course, you can swing it around and let the hook slowly move on the edge of the stone. Many fish may be hidden inside the stone crevices, they will wait for an opportunity to eat, we better use the swing of the fishing rod to control the movement of the hair hook in the water, to avoid obstacle hooks.
3.Fishing in the deep pool
The water flow under the waterfall presents a variety of states. We should try to make the nymph look like the natural state and look for the target fish in the slow movement. Still use the tension of the main line to perceive the signal of the fish bite, which is the same as the operation method of catching the rapids. The only difference is that when the fishing hooks leave the rapids, they must close the line and then cast, especially in the evening. When the stream fish is very active, it must be re-injected.
Most of the deep-fishing is a relatively large fish. When flying the line, pay attention to having enough main lines for us to pull out. It must be ensured that the main line of the flying air is not less than 20% of the entire main line, so that the scorpion will come. Power can throw the hook into the distance. When the hook is thrown, let the scorpion swing at a constant speed, causing the nymph to swim naturally. It is best to have both swimming and pause, or jump, to be the most natural and true.
As a bait, this state will attract the attention of the fish. The view of the stream fish is wider, so the squid is more important. The nymph as a bait jumps in front of the fish, obviously it is necessary to escape, so the fish is too late. Thinking is going to prey. If you simply let the bait move gently, it doesn't have much effect. This is often the skill of fishing deep pool.

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