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Customer Case Of Tungsten Fishing Weights

We are the manufacturer of Tungsten Fishing Weights.We offer Tungsten Fishing Weights not only cheap but also of good quality.If you are interested in our Tungsten Fishing Weights, or if you have any questions, you can contact us by email at fishpaby@gmail.com.

This uncle is from Argentina, he has been to our booth for three times. At the first time he was very excited to see our tungsten weights but he cannot speak English. At the second time he fetched his friends who can speak English to talk with us and he even kneeled down to salute, which surprised us. We thought he must love Chinese costume drama.
And for the third time, he bought one for every type of tungsten weights. He told us that he has been looking for a right manufacturer now he finally find one-that's us! Thank him for his attention!      

For us, the response rate of the customer after the exhibition is not very high, but I did not expect that we received his greetings and inquiry after one week. Request all of the size for Tungsten Cyclops Beads(size from D1.5mm to D4.6mm), He said that he has been looking for a stable, reasonable price and happy cooperation supplier long time, did not expect to go to an exhibition to be found by him, then he will have a large number of procurement plans of Tungsten Fishing Weights, if he has the opportunity, he must come to China to taste Chinese food, come to visit our factory.
Of course,we warmly welcome him and hope to mainta in such a pleasant cooperation.If you need to customize or purchase Tungsten Fishing Weights, please remember our brand FISH PABY,the best choice of purchase Tungsten Fishing Weights.
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