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FISH PABY specializes in the supply of tungsten fishing sinkers. If you are interested in our products, please contact us by Email or Send a request for a quote. We are a company from Zhuzhou, China, specializing in the production of high-end tungsten fishing sinkers, of course, you can also customize your ideas.

Let's share the reasons why sea fishing has not been harvested. In recent years, due to the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people have joined the sea fishing team. However, whether it is new and old fishing friends, most of the fishing The target fish cannot be caught smoothly. The reasons for the analysis are as follows:

1. The weather is too good. The days of the wind and the beautiful flowers of the birds are really good weather for the friends who go out to sea fishing. However, the more such weather is more uncomfortable for the sea fish, especially the fish with IQ Classes, it is difficult to get food in this well-lit weather. Even if there are fish, it is not too active, and the alertness will be stronger. Most fish are hiding in a sheltered place. So at this time Fish is difficult to fish. Using our tungsten fishing sinkers is much smaller than the average lead fish weight, and the concealment is excellent.

2. The trend factor. The law of all activities of sea fishing is related to the tide of the sea. The activity of sea fish is more like this. If there is no suitable current and environment, although there is a lot of food in the sea, the fish can not be active. Unless it is a particularly hungry fish, the fish does not like to open its mouth at this time.

3. The water temperature is not high or the water temperature is too high. Generally, the sea fish are migratory fish. The sea fish is only used to find the environment that adapts to its survival. When the water temperature is too low, the sea fish does not eat and begins to swim. Will be frozen to death. But when the water temperature is too high, the general marine fish will reduce appetite or swim to the deep sea. After the water temperature adapts, swim back. The most suitable water temperature for black carp is 18 degrees to 22 degrees. When the water temperature is lower than 15 degrees, Stop eating. The most suitable water temperature for squid is 15__22 degrees. When the water temperature is higher than this temperature, it will swim to the deep water area. Therefore, there are very few squid along the coast in July and August each year. After mid-September, it will return to the near shore for food. The fish adapt to the water temperature above 20 degrees, and the coastal waters of Hebei Province appear near the coast from the end of July to the end of September. The temperature of other fish species is stronger than the above fish.

4. The choice of fishing position is Guan Jian. In every fishing field, you can not catch a place to catch a black scorpion. The fishing point must have the conditions of black scorpion gathering or the route of black scorpion foraging. It has a great influence on the fruit.

5. Factors of bait. In the past, I saw that many fishing friends brought the bait to the fishing spot and mechanically found a punctuation to throw the bait into the sea. If there is a fish if it hits the squid, if it can’t catch the fish, It means that there is no fish in the water. It is only after the change of the land to spread the bait until the bait is lighted, and it is considered to be a sea fishing. The self-feeling is still very satisfying. I don’t know where to lure the fish. I don’t know. How many specifications of bait, performance in various waters and techniques for bait.
6. The factors of the fishing group. This is one of the most common problems. I have seen some fishing friends in their fishing group for their work in a certain water area one day, they are obsessed in this fishing group. On the other hand, he always thought that his fishing group was the best fishing group, and he was generally secretive. No matter where he went fishing, he did not change his prototype. Today, if you can’t fish, you can say that there is no fish, and you are resentful. After returning to the ground, it is like a deflated ball. Another fishing friend is trying to fit the fishing group at home to adapt to all the waters. To the fishing ground, only the learned book knowledge is used to demonstrate the throwing control line, etc. Half dead, but not with fish. Often these people's fishing tackle are very advanced, they are known as the pearl of the palm, can play these fishing tackle self-satisfaction is already enjoyed, the purpose is not fish. Use our tungsten fishing sinkers to resist wind and waves and increase the stability of the bait.

7. Factors of fishing and skill. Most of the fishing friends are beginners in the sea fishing or in the learning improvement stage. They are not very familiar or unable to cope with the influence of the external factors on the control of the scorpion and the line, so that the fishing group can not play its good function and can not reach the correct punctuation. I can't even mention the tricks of bait and squatting.

8. The factor that the will is not strong. This is the most common thing to do on the fishing ground. Every time you go to a new fishing spot, throw the fishing group into the sea, put dozens of spoons on the bait, wait a little while if there is no movement, and then change the fishing point and then hit the bait and throw the fishing group. The water surface is the bait, and the punctuation is everywhere. . If you see someone pulling a fish from a place other than punctuation, you have to go to the pile or change the fishing spot. You can't use the knowledge and skills you have learned correctly to determine where the fish should be, and how to lure the fish into your punctuation. There is another one who catches a target fish, and the group of fishermen embraces and has the momentum to catch fish. As a result, no one can catch a fish.

9. Influenced by fish. In the punctuation, due to the bait, it is very likely to attract a lot of miscellaneous fish. Most of these miscellaneous fish are concentrated in the upper middle and upper waters. When more, the bait can be seen after the bait is laid. If the fish is caught on the breakwater, it is mainly small white fish, small barracuda and blackhead (black monarch), especially blackheads. As long as there is such a fish in the punctuation, regardless of the size of the fish, no matter what bait you use. The bait will be stolen, affecting the chance of encountering the bait and the target fish, thus affecting the fruit.

10. Human influence. When fishing in the sea, I often encounter this kind of situation. When you have baited the bait and managed the fishing team to throw the fish for fishing or just see the fish, the boat of the crab came. After a while, the boat for sea fishing has come again. You have nowhere to start, but you have no choice but to wait for or choose a new fishing spot. If you catch a black scorpion, the people around you will immediately encircle it. This is a bait. The water that is thrown for a while is a bait, and the fish is not trapped. The above nine factors can all be overcome, but the influence of this person can not be overcome, only the bad luck can be recognized, and the target fish can not be caught for a long time.

These are some of the reasons why Haiji sent fishing friends summed up in the process of sea fishing. I hope that the above 9 can be improved, and the artificial factors will always be encountered in the whole sea fishing, try to avoid it!

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