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Prevention And Treatment Of Frostbite In Ice Fishing

Fishing in winter has endless charm for fishing enthusiasts, especially ice fishing. However, please don't forget to protect yourself and keep safe in winter fishing. Otherwise, you will not be able to enhance your physical fitness. Therefore, anglers must learn Cold and warm awareness, know the correct treatment of frostbite.



1. Dress to keep warm and keep warm


Before going into winter fishing, check the winter clothes of the individual. The winter clothes must fit, the shoes should be slightly larger, have insoles, be waterproof, don't wear wet shoes and socks, and change the insoles frequently. The winter fishing cotton coat must be insulated, and the down warm clothing with strong heat preservation performance, soft texture and light weight is most suitable. Cold-resistant shoes, cotton shoes or cotton shoes are fine. If you are walking on ice, it is best to put a slipper on the sole to prevent slipping and falling on the ice.


 2. Pay attention to your physical condition


Old and weak or poor nutrition, lack of physical exercise for those who suffer from cold, most vulnerable to frostbite.Especially those suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver and kidney, gastrointestinal digestive diseases, and chronic cold rhinitis. It is not advisable to participate in winter fishing.


3. Protect the body's key parts


Cold will cause frostbite in human tissues and damage its structure, nerves and blood circulation, causing numbness and skin tone changes. The distal parts of the body are first damaged, such as fingers, toes, ears and nose. It is best to wear cotton caps, gloves, earmuffs and masks. If the patient with frostbite in the hands and feet is accompanied by hypothermia, the first thing to do is to get the body temperature back up and treat it as soon as possible. For example, intravenous infusion of low molecular weight dextran and salvia miltiorrhiza drugs, and blood stasis.


4. Do more exercise when fishing


After a long period of exercise in a cold environment, a series of changes will occur in the body.And the body's ability to withstand cold will be significantly improved. More active hands and feet and face, ear and nose. Don't stay in one place for a long time. Don't go out alone when you are not prepared for frostbite. Take gloves when you take the fishing rod to prevent frostbite.


5. Dietary structure needs to be improved


ice fishing in winter should increase the supply of fat, and eat more foods that have anti-cold effects, such as lamb. The last time we mentioned, drinking alcohol against the cold is very wrong. You must remember not to use alcohol to resist the cold, otherwise it is prone to accidents.


6. Frostbite should be handled correctly and in time


For parts of the body that are frostbitten, touch it gently to avoid aggravating the injury.The local treatment method of frostbite uses local motion, friction, buckle and other methods, and warms the frostbite with warm water. The temperature of warm water should be from low to high (gradually added to 42 °C from 25 °C), and then maintained at about 37 °C. The soaking time of the frostbite can not exceed 20 minutes.Do not soak the frostbite with hot water, as high temperature soaking will increase the injury. Gently clean the wound with warm water, so be careful because the injured part that has been thawed will be very painful and the skin and muscles may be unconscious.。In the case of frostbite first aid, if you can't get warm water, you can put the frostbite in the ambulance's arms or kneel to warm the frostbite. It is worth noting that after frostbite, you can't directly use fire to bake, use snow to rub, use cold water to soak or beat the frostbite. You can't heat the soaked warm water. All frostbite should be warmed as slowly as possible until it is restored. Normal body temperature.You can't directly massage the injured part with a snow mass, or you can use a towel to massage hard, otherwise the wound will be eroded and not easy to heal. For patients who have recovered their body temperature, they can no longer be soaked with warm water and hot water, otherwise tissue damage and tissue necrosis will be aggravated. Drug prevention can be used if necessary.


ice fishing in the winter is an interesting but challenging activity for fishing enthusiasts. Prepare adequately before ice fishing, such as paying attention to weather changes and putting on warm clothes. The attraction of ice fishing lies in the special weather. And this special, it is even more necessary for the fishing friends to pay special attention to the changes in the weather. Because the weather is uncomfortable, the fish will not feel comfortable. Therefore, it is best not to choose a windy day to travel, not to mention yourself, the fish is not active. If the temperature in the daytime is below 0 °C, the ice that is thrown out will freeze continuously. At this time, it is necessary to continuously collect ice. Usually, in this case, the fishing friends often hold an ice fishing rod and the other hand picks up ice. For a long time, people are easily tired. If the temperature is above 0 ° C, it is much more comfortable. Don't think that your technology is good or not afraid of freezing, snowy weather has to go out, this time you still have to endure, after all, the right weather can better understand the fun of ice fishing.When fishing in ice, exercise more to prevent frostbite. If it is frostbitten, it must be handled correctly and in a timely manner.Everything is well prepared for a better ice fishing experience.


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