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What should I prepare for Sea fishing ?How should I start Sea fishing?
Sea fishing is usually fish on the boat or vessel under ocean.Sea fishermen usually fish either from boat or from shoreline. When fishing from a boat, or fishing vessel, pretty much any fishing technique can be used, from nets to fish traps, but some form of angling is by far the most common. 
Compared to fishing from the land, fishing from boat allows more access to different fishing grounds and different species of fish.
Come and have a look in ten questions that must be understood for Sea fishing with FishPaby.

1.What are the target fish and special environment for Sea Fishing?
China's coastline stretches over 1,800 kilometers. There are more than 70 species of marine fish, but not all marine fish are suitable for Sea Fishing. The main targets are yellow-fin tuna,bass, squid, sea bream, octopus, grouper, black scorpion, etc. Marine fish is more ferocious than freshwater fish and it is easier to harvest than freshwater fishing. The marine area is vast, and the fish are diverse, the fishing is more stimulating and fun.
The natural environment between the ocean and fresh water is quite different. The first is that the ocean has warmth and cold current. Many marine fish have the habit of swimming with the seasons. The seasonal flow will also bring a lot of organic matter and plankton, especially where the cold and warm current meet. It is the best place for sea fish to forage. Second, the ocean has tidal fluctuations. High tides in the sea will bring a lot of organic matter and fish to the shore, which is more conducive to fishing. After the tide, it is generally not suitable for fishing. Third, the sea is relatively calm in the morning and evening, So it is suitable for fishing. During the daytime, it is easy to cause heavy winds and waves, and even endanger the safety of anglers. It is not suitable for fishing.
2.What is special about sea fishing equipment?
One of the main differences between sea fishing and freshwater fishing is the difference in rod.However, sea rods are also widely used in freshwater fishing. No matter which material the sea rod should have, it should have a strong hardness and all need to be equipped with a reel. The fishing line should be slightly thicker, the diameter should be more than 0.5 mm, and the length should be 60-70 meters.Because the wind and waves on the sea are large, the information transmission of the float is not very effective, the float can be saved in the sea fishing, and it can be directly judged by the sense of vibration or vision in the hand.
Fishing hooks for sea fishing should be prepared to accommodate the needs of different species.Most of the  fishing weight tungsten on the sea rods are active. After the fish swallows, the line will move up and down freely, so the tungsten fishing weight should be heavier.There are also a variety of tools in the sea rod that can seduce fish. These tools are generally inactive fish sinker.
3.What is the method of throwing a sea rod?
Sea rods are mainly used for sea fishing and for freshwater fishing. According to the characteristics of sea rods, there are several ways to throw cast:
A.Throw up: Separate your feet and stand forward, shift your body weight to your left foot, and hold the fishing line and the  fishing tungsten weights in your left hand. At a angle of 40-50 degrees, the fishing rod is thrown in the right hand, and the fishing line and the tungsten fishing sinkers are thrown out by the left hand. With this method, the angle of the tungsten  fishing sinker and the fishing line is small, the point of throwing is accurate and it is easy to learn.
B.Oblique cast: The left foot is back half a step, the left shoulder is tilted backwards, and both hands hold the sea rod at the same time, forming a 45 degree angle with the horizontal plane.The left index finger presses the line, the center of gravity falls on the right foot, and the rod is thrown forward from the right side. When the Tungsten Fishing Weights falls over the top of the head, let go of the fishing line so that the hook and the tungsten fishing weight fall naturally into the water.This method is not easy to master, and it requires a lot of exercises. Once you are skilled, you can carry out long-distance throwing, especially for sea fishing.
4.What is the role of the reel? 
The ocean has a wide area and deep depth, so the fishing line is long.In order to facilitate the angler's equipment and adjust the length of the fishing line, the reel was born.At present, the reel is an essential tool for sea rods and sea fishing, and it is widely used.The reel can be divided into electric reel, sealed reel and spinning reel, disc reel and pocket reel.The electric reel is operated by motor, which is convenient and accurate, and catches the fish after biting automatically .。However, the electric reel is bulky and inconvenient to carry. The spinning reel is also very simple to operate, with a fast take-up speed and a moderate volume. It is a widely used reel.
Of course,this is only a small part of what should I prepare for Sea fishing and how should I start Sea fishing.More information about Sea fishing,please feel free to keep an eye on FishPaby~
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