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Tungsten Beads For Fly Fishing,Fish Paby Tungsten Beads Bulk Whosales

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Fly - fishing might look easy , but it ' s not.By the way, using our tungsten beads can improve wind resistance and increase the rate of medium fish. Let me talk about the equipment of fly fishing.
fly fishing rod, which is very different from other fishing rods. The type of fly fishing rod is quite complicated and complicated. Due to the different local environments, the products of the same specifications are quite different, which makes it possible to get started.
My friends don't know how to buy, so we will help you to make a basic understanding and understanding of fly fishing rod:
The mark on the fishing rod:
Before you choose a fishing rod, learn to recognize the symbols and numbers on the fishing rod. Just like you know the symbols and numbers on the computer components. If you don't understand the symbols and numbers on the computer components, then your computer should be the manufacturer's computer , or through the help of friends or strangers to help you assemble, this is not bad, but if you are the person who is interested in the low-end components to report the high-end components of the price of profiteering, their own losses are small, help the abuse of the cause The caring person knows the taste and continues to search for the victim, which is not harmful.
Therefore, before we talk about the classification and tonality of fishing rods, we must first understand the meaning they represent.
When we pick up the dice, close to the grip, in addition to the brand, the number will see a paragraph of text and symbols, usually like this: 8'3" #3 and so the purpose of the indication is to illustrate this fishing rod The length and the applicable weight line, so the above indication means that it is a 8 inch long 3 inches long and is suitable for the fishing line of the 3rd line, and if it is marked 9'0"#5/6, then It is 9 inches long and has the meaning of weight line 5 or 6.
The fly fishing rod is based on the English unit in the length of the mark, and '#' is the meaning of the number and is called Number, but refers to the line number suitable for the fishing rod, so the number seen can be This number purchases the weight line, and the appearance of 3/4 or 7/8 indicates that the lines of the two numbers are applicable, so there is absolutely no number like (.5).
fly fishing rod specifications and function distinction:
Generally speaking, the number of fishing rods produced in Europe and the United States is about #2~#12. Although some sputum factories produce scorpions that are suitable for the source-fishing cubs #0 or #1, but also because of the fish in Europe and America. The average body size is much larger than that of Japan, so the #1 rod produced in Europe and America is about the same as the Japanese #2 Fast Action, and the #1 rod is about the same as the Japanese #2 Medium Fast Action, because the Japanese territory is narrow and long. Therefore, the stream basin is not as wide and long as Europe and the United States, and its stream environment is similar to that of Taiwan. As a result, due to the narrower rivers in Japan, the squid is slower due to the smaller living area. Therefore, the average size is mostly 20 cm or so, and in the Japanese stream, if you catch more than 30 cm of squid, the Japanese fisherman calls it (the ruler) because it can grow to such a size in the stream. It's not easy, it's just as rare as the 25cm bitter flower or the 20cm brook brother, but if the Japanese squid falls to the lake, it will grow to 60~100cm or more. In the sea, it became a sea otter, and Japan called it (silver hair). It looks back to the river during the breeding will be very scary.
Since the number of the weight line directly affects the weight of the loadable hook, it relatively affects the weight of the hook of the fishing rod itself. In addition, the fishing rod itself has the limit of the fish body it can load, so generally speaking in Taiwan #1 ~#3 is suitable for brook fishing; #4~#6 is suitable for lakes, ponds, reservoirs or large rivers; while #6~#8 is suitable for marine fish in general coastal areas; for fishing rods above #9, unless there is special Large-scale target fish or have the consideration of buying when you want to go abroad for a large expedition.
However, since many domestic manufacturers produce fly fishing rods, most of them rely on imports, so it is not enough to distinguish the types of fishing rods from the applicable line numbers, because there is an important basic indicator in the function of selecting fishing rods. "Tail length", most of the "one-handed fly fishing rod" is about 7 to 10 late, and in the different sizes, if the same weight number is different but the length is different It tends to be longer because it has a better long-range ability, while the shorter style is suitable for a narrow fishing environment or a close-range throw. Therefore, according to the domestic, #1~#3 fishing rods can choose 7~8 late specifications, while #4 needs to choose 8~9 late lengths to cope with the previously mentioned open environment, as for fishing rods above #5 It is almost only necessary to consider the specifications of 8 late 6 inches or more to overcome the problems of long-range and wind resistance. As for the market, you may see that the #5 or more scorpions have 7 or 7 late half specifications, so you don’t have to consider them. Because these fishing rods are designed to be used for fishing for 40 to 50 cm in the creek. Since there is no such environment in China, special attention should be paid to the purchase.
fly fishing rod material:
The material of fly fishing rod is roughly divided into two types: man-made fiber and natural material. The so-called man-made fiber refers to the tweezers made of glass fiber and carbon fiber. The natural material refers to the tweezers made of bamboo.
Because fly fishing's throwing method is quite special, it has considerable requirements for the elasticity and toughness of the body. It is reflected in the production of the scorpion is to increase the content of glass fiber, but also because of the amount of exercise that fly fisherman throws down a day. Therefore, the carbon fiber content of the fishing rod is generally maintained at about 80% to 96% to reduce the weight of the fishing rod.
As for the bamboo rods, they are made of so-called Vietnamese bamboo. The shape is composed of six bamboos that are arranged in an equilateral triangle and combined into a hexagonal raft. The advantage of this method is to "normalize" the natural materials. "Materialization", in order to control the quality of the scorpion, can also reduce the material consumption and time consumption caused by the traditional bamboo rafts for "combination" tonality, but today there is a fly fishing raft with traditional bamboo. A choice.
Bamboo fishing rods are the mainstream in the past when there was no rayon, but nowadays, because of the popularity of man-made fiber plaques and the high cost of bamboo enamel production, the price is also high, so the bamboo scorpion has become a fly fisherman collection, play or pursue retro style. Fishing tackle.
The number of fly fishing rods, the way of succession, the grip, the wire loop and the type of reel seat:
As for the number of fly fishing rods, since the design of the wire loop is different from the design of the modern fishing rod, he belongs to a design called "Snake Guide", except for the wire loop. The processing is easy to make, and it is less prone to entanglement and does not cause the drop in the wire guide ring due to the cold shrinkage heat. However, because of this, the fly fishing rod cannot make the form of the vibration smash, but adopts The way to solve the problem of storage, the most common number of sections on the market is mostly 2 sections, followed by 3 sections or more sections, but the more the number of succession, although more convenient to store, but in terms of structural strength It will get worse. Since the success of the fly fishing rod is followed by the following methods, there are three common types of succession: “continuous”, “reverse and continuous”, “cartridge”, in which fly fishing Most of them choose the reverse design. This is because the strength of the reverse and subsequent methods is higher, it is suitable for the large number of tweezers and is easy to make. The printing cage is opposite to the inverse and parallel, but it is better. High texture and tonal conduction, generally more common in high-priced dice, but this kind of assistance is less suitable for large-scale fishing rods.
As for the type of grip and reel seat, except for the slight difference in the design of each family, in fact, most of the fly fishing rod grips and reel seats are according to the size and use of the dice. Differentiated, in general, the shape of the grip is conical, that is to say, the end of the grip is thinner than the bottom end, and most of them are smaller dice, the thicker is the opposite, and the hands are fly fishing rod In terms of it, there are two grips.
The form of the reel seat is roughly divided into two types, namely, a loop type, and the method of fixing the reel is relatively weak, so that the scorpion picking type of #5 or more is extremely rare. Because it can reduce a considerable amount of weight, it is quite favored by the scorpion below #3, and the other is a screw ring lock, the purpose of which is to increase the firmness and stability of the reel fixed on it, so it is large This type of scorpion is used more often. The material of the reel seat can be divided into wood, rust-proof metal, general metal, etc... The rafters for seawater are all equipped with rust-proof metal.
The big scorpion deserves a question. If there is a structure similar to a heavy hammer attached to the rear of the reel seat, such a structure usually appears on the rafter above #6, and the purpose is to balance the weight of the body so that even the fish There can be a place to hold the arm or the abdomen, so that the fisherman is better at applying the big fish.
Tonality of fly fishing rod:
Like the average fishing rod, the fly fishing rod is also a tonal difference, but not quite the same as the Japanese system fishing rod we are familiar with. The tonality of fly fishing rod is not simply differentiated by the so-called "hard tone" or "soft tone". Instead, it is differentiated by the speed of bending recovery. That is to say, we use different forces to wave different fishing rods. The fishing rod is based on the speed of the recovery speed, and the recovery speed refers to the time required for the fishing rod to return to the previous stationary state, so the distinction is roughly divided into: Fast Action, Medium Fast Action, and There are three main categories of Slow Action.
Because different styles of weight lines will produce different inertial forces, and different inertial forces and recovery times will affect the width, speed and flight distance of the "ring", so the tonality is partially opposite to the weight line to be matched. Relationships, usually in the selection of fast-tuning tweezers are more suitable to use the weight line: sink line, front sink line, pre-weight line, injection line, and some for special environments, fish species, etc. need to be used to resist wind or throw a large hook Used, because all the above lines will bring a lot of pressure to the scorpion.
The mid-speed dice are just in the middle, so the wiring is relatively simple, because he can be said to be limited, but it is not the most suitable. As for the slow tweezers, it is more suitable to use the bilateral tapered line. And some ultra-lightweight lines specially developed for the source stream fishing to perform more delicate and delicate movements.
Of course, with regard to tonality, except for the majority of the difference in the speed of recovery, there are still a few books that will be defined by "where to bend", and this method is somewhat categorized with Japanese in the scorpion There are similarities between the so-called "tweet tone" and "first tone", and there are "Tip-Action", "Medium-Action" and "Bottom tone" on the name ( Butt-Action) is three, and the actual meaning is roughly the same as the previously introduced classification.
The characteristics and construction of the wheel reel:
The biggest feature of the reel used by fly fishing is that its gear ratio is 1:1. In other words, it is also a circle when the coil is wound, instead of using other types of reel The way to improve the efficiency of the line or the fish, from the perspective of function, of course, this is not a very advanced design, but for the general shape of the fish, in fact, there is no need to use the reel to take the line as a method of fighting fish. In the case of large fish, the 1:1 gear ratio also provides a fairer competition between people and fish. The sound of "answer, answer, answer..." can usually be heard when turning the bobbin. This is because there is a structure in the reel, which we call the "wheeling system", and the device is In order to prevent the speed of the bobbin from being too fast when the weight line is drawn, the phenomenon of fried rice noodles occurs, and there is substantially no braking function, so it cannot be called a brake.
As for the development of the current reel, the so-called "brake system" has been created for its functional needs. The design is broadly divided into two categories: "disc" and "bearing". The direct pressurization of the knob is also applied to the wheel set through the brake piece. As for the bearing type brake, the bearing is internally opened by the principle of the outer tension, so that it cannot be rotated, and the principle mode similar to the drum is similar. . In addition to the brake system mentioned above, it can be seen from the appearance that many reels have many "holes", and such holes are used to make the weight and the preparatory lines wound inside easy to dry. In addition to this, there is also the function of reducing the weight of the reel, and how to reduce the weight is also an important design concept for the weight of the reel in the future.
The way to purchase the reel:
Generally speaking, when purchasing the reel, you should pay attention to what kind of weight line and preparatory line the spool of the reel is suitable for, but because it is available under such circumstances.
The way to purchase the reel:
In general, when purchasing a reel, you should pay attention to what kind of weight line and preparatory line the spool of the reel is suitable for, but because there is still a lot of space in the available styles under such circumstances, this is We have to start with the "weight". The fly fishing method can be said to be very frequent in the number of throws, so the weight of the reel has a considerable influence on the balance and force of the dice, so it is best to carry the rod directly when purchasing, and The reelers to be bought are combined one by one to understand the feel.
When the empty reel is usually placed on the combined fishing rod, the balance point should be about 1/3~1/2 of the front end of the grip, especially the counterweight center of the slow tweezers. Softer, so the same weight of the fishing rod will be tilted forward, so the weight of the reel can choose a heavier weight to balance. If you purchase by mail order or the store orders, you should pay careful attention to the weight of the reel, so as not to buy products that are inconsistent or different from the expected weight. Some reels are not tamper-evident, so it is best to read the catalogue carefully before buying. As for the style, the surface and internal structure should be chosen to have anti-corrosion treatment, otherwise it will be damaged due to the strong corrosive ability of sea water. For those who like to fight big things, they must consider the style with good brake structure. For those who often change the weight line for various situations, a reel-type reel can be used.
Maintenance method of the reel:
The maintenance method of the reel is very easy. Usually, when you go home, remove the bobbin and pull out the weight line. Rinse the water with fine sand or salt that may be easily accumulated. Then move the gear. Partially paste
The lubricating oil is applied, while the other surfaces are gently wiped with a thin oil to protect the surface, so that it is very carefully maintained! It is worth noting that if you are fishing in sea water, Fishing field
After that, it is best to rinse it once with clean water to reduce the accumulation of salt.
Weight line
The weight line is the soul of fly fishing. Without it, the hook can not be thrown to the fixed point. The above picture is the structure diagram and the name of each part, and the choice of the line is based on the number of the standard on the purchased dice. The number is the recommended number,
Usually up and down can increase or decrease the number one, depending on the fisherman's own feelings. According to the tip (Tip), you can roughly divide the following four categories:
L (Level): Concentric line, the whole thickness of the line is equal, it is a special design line (the company speculates that it may be that the plastic injection technology in the early years is poor, so it can only make a single shape line), because No obvious apex
(Tip) part, so it is difficult to invest. At present, manufacturers are less manufactured, so it is not easy to see on the market.
WF (Weight forward): The weight front line, which is the basic line type. Because the weight part moves forward, it has the advantage of easy throwing, but it is easy to tear water and scare the fish.
DT (Double taper): a double-sided thin line, the line is thicker and the weight is concentrated in the center of the line, and is tapered toward both sides.
It is more difficult, but it has a small water drop and has the function of reducing the interference to the susceptible fish species. It has the same characteristics as the full line (L Line), that is, it can be used bilaterally.
ST (Shooting taper): Long-distance tapping line. This type of line is based on the improved weight front line (WF). Its weight is more concentrated than the WF line, so it is suitable for use in large lakes, reservoirs and sea water, but Line due to larger apex
Heavy, so the water is larger than the weight front line (WF) when falling.
In addition, in addition to classification according to the different apex, there are also three types according to their characteristics such as ups and downs:
F (Floating Line): This kind of line has a large amount of bubbles in the resin coating, so it will generate buoyancy when placed on the water, floating on the water meter, and its application range includes dry hair hooks and nymph type hair hooks.. Floating water or shallow water
Internally, it is the most common line type. Because it needs to see the position of the line, it is mostly bright and light color such as: light yellow, yellow, pink, sky blue, light green, orange, etc... .
S (Full Sinking Line): This kind of line is exactly the opposite of the former, so it is mostly used in deep fields such as lakes, reservoirs, etc., and because the weight of the same number is much larger than the former, it is sometimes purchased. Need to see the scorpion
Tonality is reduced by one, to avoid over-weighting and causing difficulty in throwing. In addition, because it is a submerged line, in order not to disturb the fish, the dark color such as dark brown, dark green, purple, dark blue is used in the color. Sink rate
There are 4 or 5 styles to choose from.
F/S (Sing Tip Line): Because sometimes the depth of the fishing field is between the first two (such as swamp, pond or lakeshore), this line is developed. The line is usually the front end 10 is heavier. So sinking in the water, and the second half is the opposite
In the sink rate - as the former has different speeds (about 4 ~ 5 seconds), the color is the same as before sinking, so the dark color and the latter part of the floating water, for the sake of the use of light color.
Weight line Generally speaking, the outer box will indicate its specifications, which are as follows:
In addition to the above-mentioned general classification, foreign manufacturers will also develop special lines for special fish species according to various fish habitats and habits, such as special lines for black mullet, special lines for northern mullet, special lines for mountain niece, Hawaiian sea otter special line
and many more....
Buying Guide: Fly veteran already knows what line is right for him. Here we give some advice to beginners: usually the number of applicable line numbers will be marked on the dice. This part does not need to be explained; the floating and sinking depends on the characteristics of your hook. then
Use full sink line, float with full float line, but usually our wet and dry hair hooks will be staggered. It is recommended to use full float when using several hooks. When using wet hooks, add appropriate amount of lead. You may have to use a lot of hair
Prepare two lines, please note that the submerged line has a grade of "sinking rate", depending on your target fish swimming layer; the first type of beginners will recommend using WF, when your first weight line is unbearable, throw It has also been able to retract freely.
Then buy DT again.
If the quality of the weight line you purchase is above-class and you are using it in a very clean water area, you usually do not need to maintain it too much. Once every three months, soak it with a soft detergent, then soak it in clean water, then dry it and roll it back. Just can, sea water
It is recommended to clean and maintain each time. Do not throw in the non-water field during practice. If the weight is covered with rubber, the friction will increase, and it will be reimbursed when you can't throw it out.
FISH PABY is a manufacturer of tungsten beads. We undertake orders for all kinds of tungsten beads, not only can be customized,You can also wholesale our tungsten beads. If you are interested in our tungsten beads,Remember our brand FISH PABY,The new choice for tungsten weights.
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