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Today, we talked about What problems often occur during fishing.

As a leisure outdoor sport, fishing has become more and more popular, attracting more and more people to participate in it. Every holiday, more and more fishing enthusiasts will choose to walk out of the busy urban life and devote themselves to the embrace of a vibrant nature. There are more and more people fishing, so "how can I master the skills of fishing" and "how can I catch more fish" has become a topic for many beginners to study. Many fishing novices just can't find a way to fish when they start fishing. So they have searched many articles from the Internet to learn, but the practice process is not entirely satisfactory to them. If you want to quickly master the basic skills of fishing, you should work harder from below.


1.Basic channels for learning fishing skills:

A.Search for information and watch videos online. This is a process that must be experienced by people who are learning to fish. Because if there is a lot of professional knowledge such as:  What is tungsten fishing weight ? How to use tungsten fishing sinker? What are the types of tungsten fishing weight? Which fishing tackle combination can tungsten fishing tackle make? If these problems are not understood, there will be problems when communicating with friends who are fishing together.

B.Fishing is a sport that requires a lot of technology. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Of course, it is necessary to have a foundation first. It's best to look for answers when you have a problem, which is easier to accept and takes longer to remember. If you don’t even understand what fishing is, how can you practice it?

C.Learn more about fishing skill from some fishing enthusiasts you know. If your friends have a high level of fishing, you will soon master the fishing skills.

2.Frequently questions for beginners in fishing

A.Fish doesn’t bite

After two or three hours of fishing, the buoys still do not move, which is something that many fishing friends often encounter. There is also have a trace of the fish after fishing for a long time, but the fish is not biting.Affected by various factors such as climate, season, and pressure,so the fish does not bite. This requires analysis and look up.As long as you find the existence and method of the problem, everything will be solved.We can generally look up from the following aspects.

(1)Whether the usage and time of the bait are correct.

Usually, some people can catch fish with a certain type of bait. This time they still use this bait, but the fish does not bite.In fact, it is not surprising that the taste of fish will change, just as we like to eat vegetarian food in summer and meat in winter. This is related to many factors such as climate, pressure, water, and season.The type of fish is different and the demand for food is different.It is more susceptible to external influences.If you are familiar with the fishing waters, you can first find out the reasons from the fishing position, the water situation, etc. If it is an unfamiliar fishing ground but the fishing field has fish, then you should first consider changing the bait.

(2)Replace the fishing tackle combination.

Fish has a certain psychological alert to the fishing line. Among the common fish, fish species such as grass carp, black carp, and squid do not care about the size of the line. Other fish such as squid is rumors that will recognize the size of the line.When you can determine that there are squid in the fishing spot, you can try to change a thin line or a fishing tackle combination with small hook. Perhaps this kind of attempt can increase the number of fish you catch.The fishing tackle combination with small hook are as following:Texas Rig,Carolina Rig and Jig head.By the way,these rig will add Tungsten Fishing Weights.The Tungsten Flipping Weight,Tungsten Worm Weight and Tungsten Barrel Weight is better choices for Those rig.Furthermore, the distribution of fish in the water cannot be uniform. When there is no fish bite in a certain place, don't stay in this place all the time. There may be fish in another place.When the fish bite is sluggish, you can properly throw the hook and the bait away, or throw it closer, perhaps with unexpected results.

Up to now, we have found one of the common problems in fishing, that is, the most common fish does not bite. For the reason that the fish does not bite, we also analyzed two: the bait and the fishing tackle combination. So we also found a way to solve these two problems, that is, to replace the bait and the fishing group. The fishing group is replaced by a Texas Rig with a relatively small hook and a Carolina Rig or Jig head without tungsten fishing weight.

OK, this article is over here. But the discussion of the common problems of fishing is not over yet. See you next time.

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