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5 Tips For Sea Fishing, Boat Fishing And Night Fishing

Sea fishing is a sport that many fishermen who are far away from the sea dream of. Taking advantage of the holidays, everyone can go out and try it out. Today, let's talk about the five tips for the students who want to go sea fishing.
Fishing on the island or on the reef.
This kind of fishing method can pick time by yourself. But it is best not to try it when it is bad weather because the danger is too huge.In the breezy sunny days, you can choose the fishing spot on the small island by the sea or on the edge of the reef. This fishing method is also called rock fishing.Rock fishing mainly uses rod of 4.5 meters or more. It can throw the bait to a place 50-60 meters away from the sea. Skilled fishing friends can also throw underwater under 80-100 meters.If you feel that the distance is not far enough, you can ad 1oz or 2oz tungsten fishing weight to the main line. You can choose Tungsten Flipping Weight,Tungsten Worm Weight and Tungsten Barrel Weight for counterweight.The water around the reef is generally 10 meters deep. The fish here will compete for food when they see the bait, so the rate of biting is extremely high.However, throwing and casting the rod around the reef is also very dangerous, so everyone must pay attention to safety when sea fishing i.
The process of boarding a boat and jumping on the reef
Newcomers to sea fishing often have a misunderstanding: I can do it by myself! At this time, the hidden danger of the accident has been buried. When boarding the ship, the undulating waves will cause the bow to bump up and down. Even if you are empty and disembarked, you need to be very cautious.Take action After master the rhythm of the bow . If you are take with fishing equipment, it is very easy to accident.The correct approach is: first board the ship with the most experienced boatman on board, then pass all the fishing equipment in order, and then board the ship one by one.
Sea fishing on the boat
The boat should not be too far from the shore. The flight is best within half an hour. Choose the anchor at the leeward.After starting fishing, keep a certain distance between rods. In order to avoid the line and the fishing tackle combination intertwined. After the fish bites the hook, the movement of the lifting is not too large.When pulling the fish ashore, avoiding hooks hanging on the clothes or bodies of the adjacent fishermen.Especially when using multiple hooks, be careful of the other hooks that are bare.Do not directly with your hand when removing the fish from the hook.You should use a hemostat or a hook remover to pick the hook.When fishing on a boat, people should stand on both sides of the ship to prevent the vessel from being overweight on one side and to prevent it from being caught in the sea by the waves.
Fishery on the beach
Fishing at the beach or slope on the outskirts of the sea, you should always pay attention to the changes in the sea, especially in the case of surface fluctuations. the sea fish will search for food along with the sea when high tide, which is the best time for sea fishing40-50 meters。If you choose the fishing position in these places, you should use a large throwing rod when fishing, and the distance of casting should be 40-50 meters.In addition, pay attention to whether the sea fish bite. On one hand, high tides and low tides, when there is a strong wind or sea, or when the sea rises, it is necessary to retreat immediately.Otherwise you will be swept away by the waves. This is also the rule to be observed in autumn fishing.
Night fishing
Without a certain sea fishing experience.Please don't try fishing at night.Although there are many factors in the change of the fishing in the daytime, the fishing friends who go with them must be very familiar with the reef to go fishing.Therefore, I recommend climbing the reef before dark, and then quickly put the equipment to the top.Lifesaving equipment such as lifebuoys should be prepared on board and should not be too far away from the reef.Do not distract the fishing position. When the tide is high, keep an eye on the height of the water surface.
When the fishing is end and returned to the ship, the people on the shore and the people on board should cooperate with each other and return to the ship in order.If someone accidentally falls into the water at night, please don't panic. You should quickly free the shore to prevent it from being washed by the waves and hit the reef. At the same time, blowning the lifeguard whistle , waiting for the companion ship to come and rescue.
No matter where and in any situation,you should keep calm after catching a fish,especially a big fish.When the fish is struggling, look at the situation around you and confirm the safety and pull the fish ashore.Keep an eye on the weather changes during fishing. If heavy rain, wind and big waves are about to occur, stop fishing activities early. After paying attention to these safety measures, sea fishing is a wonderful thing of life.

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