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How to use popper? What can you catch?

Popper is a bait of lure, and friends who love lure fishing should always hear it. Recently, I also saw a message from some lure enthusiasts: A lure master used the surface fishing method to fight a two-and-a-half-hour battle with the fish to harvest a blue-flag gun that was more than two meters long and weighed more than four hundred kilograms. And the bait used by this master is the popper. So I want to talk about how to use the popper, also can give some reference to lure fans.

Popper is a kind of bait used on the water surface. When the water is dragged, the "mouth" that hits the water surface will stimulate the waves to attract predatory fish.In addition to the conventional form, some popper will increase the tungsten beads as a counterweight, all in order to stimulate a larger wave or cast a farther.

As a water surface bait, the main target fish of the popper is naturally also a middle-upper predatory fish. Commonly used in the country are sea bass, cockroaches, etc., and foreign commons such as GT .

As mentioned earlier, popper mainly attracts predatory fish attacks by stimulating waves, so that we can determine what environment the popper use for.In general, the early morning, evening and calm weather is the most suitable for playing popper.Because predatory fish will prey in the upper water layer, and it is easier to find the bait.The control of wave climbing is also relatively simple, mainly the combination of twitching, winding, and pause. Different strengths and frequencies will affect the size of the spray. This requires a certain amount of practice to master.

Use popper must pay attention to two points. First, don't change locations since fish don't bite a hook at a punctuation.Because this is likely to miss the nearby fish that have been attracted. Secondly, the tip of the rod should not be pressed too low.because it will cause a large part of the fishing line to enter the water. When it is twitched, it will carry a grain on the surface of the water, which may affect the judgment of nearby fish.

According to my experience of using Popper, the probability that popper can attract fish bite is about 20% or even lower. The type of frying water that catches fish with waves is not comparable to other baits. It is also a few chances for other fish in the bait to be used. If you catch it, you will have a good harvest.

Today, I will share some of my insights in the actual situation with everyone here.
1.The environment of use of Popper
The environment used for Popper is best in the windless water. The static water surface is better than the flowing water surface, and the reservoir is better than the river. It is not suitable for Popper when the sun is strong during the day. Cloudy days are better than the sun and night is better than the morning.
In summary, the best place use of popper should be: in the water surface of the reservoir in the evening without wind. The best temperature is relatively high, when there are mosquitoes coming out.At this time, the fish will come out to prey on the mosquitoes that are on the surface of the water. Of course, it is also good to use the wave when the fish is active.
2.Selection of bait
The probability of a popper catching a fish depends on the size of the target fish at your site and the condition of the water.Under normal circumstances, the fish in the water body are mostly small fish, so I recommend using 8g-10g  of popper, such a popper has both size and kill function. The 8g-10g popper throwing distance is moderate, and the search surface range is not too small.You can also choose the type of wave you like based on your personal habits.
3.    Operation of popper
Usually in some videos, you will see that the fisherman uses the water-based lure to catch the fish quickly. The picture shows the huge splash, which is the visual effect when shooting video. In fact, the speed of the line determines the chance of catching the fish.As far as popper is concerned, the slower the speed of the lure on the surface of the water. To what extent is it slow? As long as you can keep the popper  on the surface of the water and not stand still.In the process of operation, you can be fast and slow, and the quick action can be performed only once in each throwing, so that you can have a few splashes of water on each side. The receiving action depends on personal habits

Finally, it is emphasized that lure fishing must to be persist.If you insist, you will have a good harvest. "Let lure stick to the end, everything is possible!"
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