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Next we talk about make and use points of dry flies in fly fishing.
fly fishing is a top fishing and hunting method in stream fishing,which has extremely rich connotation and a wide range of ways to obtain fish. The use of flies can be subdivided into dry flies, wet flies, nymphs and so on. In this article, let's take a closer look at some of the key points in the production and use of the top-ranking dry flies in fly fishing.

Dry flies are used on the surface of the water and are divided into floating and suspension.In fly fishing, floating refers to the use of flies on the surface of the water. It is used to fish some large and scattered fish species, such as Red dot squid. Suspension refers to the use of flies at a certain distance from the surface of the water. It refers to small fish used for fishing in clusters.

Dry hair hooks are made from a wide variety of materials. Animal fur, bird feathers and some chemical fiber materials can be used, but limited to zero water absorption.Above 44 degrees north latitude, the best dry flies are based on mink, black scorpion and Asian bear soft belly hair, followed by the belly fluff of wild ducks and domestic ducks.Each flies must have a logical shape and color, which is the basic principle of flies making.

The ability of fish to distinguish color is governed by the environment. The single main color on both sides of the stream makes the fish's color recognition rate the worst among all freshwater fish. Stream fish have a wide visual range, but the length of vision is very limited, usually they can only see objects within 20cm. How did the fish find the hook? This has made us very fascinated.

Physical studies have shown that the eyes of fish do not look like the human eye by the focus of the pupil to see the shape of the object.The fish eye uses the refraction of water waves and magnifies the image of the object to see clear objects farther away, but in reality it is just a contour.Just like a young man wearing a pair of reading glasses, although he doesn't see it clearly, it must be the black part of the object.

Black is the lowest transparency color and the most visible color in most light.What is the goal of searching for water on the surface of a stream fish?Undoubtedly relying on the background of the white waves contrasting water! This is the main point of our making flies. Therefore, we must understand that the color of the flies should be thicker.

In the summer jungle, the rainy weather tends to come unexpectedly, which is impeccable for fishing.The light on the surface of the rainy day is dim, the ability of the stream fish to color is enhanced, and the colorful flies are specially made for this weather.Materials with polarized light are widely used in the manufacture of lure, and attempts to use them in the production of flies are clearly an area to be expanded.

Half of the natural light is polarized light.The ordinary light transmits in the form of waves and vibrates in various planes parallel to the direction of transmission. When the wave's transmission is limited by the angle, the part of the transmission direction that is inconsistent will be blocked, and the remaining waves will vibrate in only one direction to form polarized light.

Polarized materials are widely used in the insect world, and many insects have warning false colors on their wings.But for the fish, there is really nothing to fear. In fact, fish eye already has a variety of light source sensors, which can directly divide the intensity of ordinary light and partial light source. That is, it knows completely which kind of light comes from nature or food.

The natural polarized light in the rain is everywhere, the shimmering green leaves, the sparkling water and the shadows of the fish scales and the wet wings of the insects that we inadvertently see.The angle of the light is different, and the color of the polarized light is different.The brighter the color, the more it can reflect different colors of light. This is a required course for fly fishermen to make flies.The material of the flies material with polarized light is derived from the hair of the sable, the tail hair of the male deer and the dark blue-green feather of the tail of the wild duck in the range of 44 degrees north latitude. Due to the lack of materials, most of the river fishing is replaced by the feathers of domestic ducks.
How do fish look at a fly?The fish look at the flies like we look at the shadow of an insect that falls on the wall against the sun. If it is not flying, it is difficult for us to understand what it is.Therefore, the fly-fishing method with counter-current throwing is not recommended to do.

Within a few quarters of an hour before the bottom of the stream gradually spreads the light and the sun rises, the stream fish move to the first water that receives the sun.The insects that have been busy for a night rest on the branches and leaves of the bushes by the water.The dew soaked their wide wings, and for some insects that couldn't hold their wounds, it was fatal once they fell into the water.
The white flies came in handy at the moment, but the chances of the flies being prey on the water's edge are only 50%. We can't make the flies move like real insects that fall into the water.The best way is to let the flies fall on the leaves of the plant just right, and the angler gently drops the flies from the leaves.This method is best for short rod and long line, but the control technique is difficult to master and requires long-term practice of the fisherman.
As the saying goes: Practice makes perfect. As long as we practice more, whether it is a tie or a throw, we can quickly master it.

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