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Free rig VS Texas rig, which one do you prefer?

The Texas rig is a technique used for fishing with soft plastic lures. It involves a tungsten bullet-shaped weight being threaded onto the fishing line first, followed by a glass or plastic bead, and then the line is secured to a hook, usually an offset worm hook.
The Texas rig as shown in the figure:
At present, the Texas rig has been loved by many lure fans. Whether it's in the water or the obstacle zone, it has excellent performance and great power. But through a fishing experience at the fishing grounds with grass of South Korea, I changed this view and discovered another powerful fishing tackle combination.

The fishing grounds in the heavy grass area of South Korea, the water grass covers most of the water surface.When the temperature is high, the squid will go to the water grass cover.In the face of this situation, I will use the Texas rig according to past fishing experience, manipulating the obstacles of the fishing group through the water grass enters the effective punctuation.However, the effect is not very good, the number of fish bites is very small, but my friends can catch fish all the time.Until lunch, my friend introduced me to a fishing tackle group called FREE RIG. I only know that he can get a lot of fish secrets in this obstacle zone.

For the Free rig, I believe everyone is familiar with it. In the past two years, there have been many players like to use this fishing tackle group in China. The free rig is similar to the Florida rig, and also like down shot rig. This fishing group can be operated in a variety of ways and can be freely played. It can be changed according to the fishing group environment,operating frequency, amplitude and strength.
What is the difference between the free rig and the Texas rig? First of all, due to the different shape of the tungsten counterweight, the free rig has a stronger function of crossing obstacles, and the slender tungsten skinny drop shot weight is advantageous for crossing obstacles such as water plants. When the tungsten fishing pendent sinker falls through the obstacle zone, it means that the bait can enter the depth of the attack punctuation. That is, the place where the fish can bite.

Although it is suitable for places with many obstacles on the water surface, bushes and mud in the water, its tungsten weight combination does not have such good performance through the obstacle zone.Of course, we can also achieve that with a 1 oz or larger tungsten bullet weight or a tungsten worm sinker.
However, the posture of the bait is not as vivid as that of the free rig, and the excessively large tungsten fish pendant will be a big obstacle when searching quickly under the water. An oversized tungsten fishing sinker can easily be caught by the stones at the bottom of the water, thus forming a bait and a fish pendant that may hang on the bottom and may lose them.

In the number and extent of hanging , the free rig is also lower than the Texas rig. In the choice of hooks, I like to use hooks with narrow and thin hooks. And the bait, you should also choose a long floating bait to make it more elegant in the water and more attractive to fish.

The narrow hooks are easier to pass through the obstacle zone, and the thin hooks can effectively reduce the weight of the hooks to the bait. The heavier the hooks hanging on the bait, the harder the bait moves. The less active carp prefers the flowing bait.

In Lure, throwing the bait into the vicinity of the fish is the first element of catching the fish. We know that most of the squid like to be active in the obstacle zone. Therefore, in terms of the aquatic grass area, the free fishing group performed better than the Texas fishing group.

When the bait accurately reaches the attack punctuation, the ideal swimming posture of the bait is the second element for catching fish, and the free rig creates a space for making more movements for the bait.

When searching in the grass area, the fishing tackle combination can search for a certain area or search for all areas.When searching for a certain area, there is little difference between the free rig and the Texas rig, because the fish hidden in the grass area is more aggressive, and the bait is often bitten by the fish at the moment of throwing.
When searching the entire area, we have to keep the bait moving all the way. Therefore, the bait will encounter many obstacles, such as grass, branches, stones.In this case, the free rig has an advantage, and its slender fishing sinker can pass through the obstacle, effectively reducing the probability of hanging the bottom, and the perception of the underwater structure is also clearer.

In the process of Lure, we may wish to try the free rig. On different occasions, using the combination of drag and jump, I believe that the free rig will bring you more fun.

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