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Tips for freshwater fishing squid in winter

What are the skills for fishing freshwater squid in winter? Here we explain the skills and specific methods of fishing for freshwater squid through Lure.

1. Specific fishing spots in the water
Winter reservoirs are generally in dry season.So the the water level will be seriously reduced and aquatic plants are basically disappear.Only in deep water and places with stones, there may be fish.So the first step is to find these underwater areas in the deep water area with deep water and stone. Large areas of shoals and shallow bays can be skipped directly.Because there is no trace of fish in these places.When looking for underwater areas, you can use a 25 grams spinner without the hook and drag it a little bit slowly under the water.The place where have the sun shines and the shallow water junction are the key search areas.As for the 25g sequins, lead and copper should be the main materials on the market. But with the implementation of environmental protection policies, lead will inevitably be replaced. The density of copper is low, so the volume of the product produced will be larger than other materials such as tungsten. Therefore, many manufacturers are now trying to produce tungsten sequins.Yup,the tungsten spinner from FISHPABY is high density,bright color and environmentally friendly.In addition,tungsten fishing weight such as wholesale flipping sinker,black bullet weight and barrel weight also is high quality,delicate surface and smooth hole.They are welcome by the market and customers.

2. Fishing bait
Fishing bait is a very important reference for lure fishing.For bass in winter , they will capture sharpbelly and goldfish as food.Sharpbelly is far from the shore most of the time, even in summer and autumn,so it is difficult to see.In the winter, Sharpbelly will be in deeper and farther waters. Because the temperature changes there are small, most of the time in the middle and lower sand layer activities..Goldfish is also the main food for salmon in winter.Goldfish are generally active inwater bottom within 1 meter. The most important means of escape when encountering a predator is to stand still and insert the head into the mud, leaving half of the body outside.

3. Specific throw and cast skills
Not long ago, we also discussed the throwing skills of fly fishing. Although fly fishing is also part of Lure, it seems to me that fly-fishing and throwing in winter are very different. So let's talk about the throwing skills of winter trout fishing. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

(1)Fishing for freshwater bass in winter should be based on metal bait
In the winter,fishing for freshwater bass is mainly relying on the throwing operation, and the metal bait can be cast farther, so it is more suitable.Of course, soft bait is also possible, but the effect may not be good.The hard bait can be used with sequins, VIB, submerged pencils and water-based bait. Generally the weight between 14g and30 grams is often be used.Hard bait less than 10 grams is almost no need.Sequins, VIB recommends the use of treble hooks with feathers, the probability of fish biting hooks higher; feathered lures, even if the lure is still underwater, the feathers will float with the water, the temptation effect on the fish better.

(2)The best way to operate is jump into bottom and keep still
The main punctuation in the fishing of trout in the winter is the deep water with stones, so the usual operation methods can not be used.Hard baits and other fish floats are very easy to hang up because of the usual method of operation.Therefore, it is best to sink the hard bait into the bottom of the water and keep it still.At low temperatures, squid activity is very low and vigilant. They don't chase fast-moving foods, but prefer to eat foods that are not far from the mouth. Therefore, the lure needs to be slower and a smaller stroke.

In the specific operation, when the bait and the fish sinker reach the bottom of the water, their beating frequency and operation intensity at the bottom of the water need to be slowed down, because the squid has been fixed on the lure from the far side to the bottom of the bottom.If the lure has been violently beating, the squid in winter will feel that there is no chance to eat or even be scared away。Keeping still can bring enough attack time to the squid, especially when searching for a few times has no result.Remember: winter fishing for bass must pay attention to the operation method and strength, do not scare away the squid.

You must be very patience if you go lure fishing in winter.Because it may take a long time to find a suitable fishing place, and even if you find the right place, there is probably no fish.But if you can appreciate the happiness of Lure. Everything is worthwhile.
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