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What should you pay attention to on cloudy fishing?

Under normal circumstances, the warm weather is suitable to go fishing. The cloudy weather is low pressure and the oxygen content in the water is low. Therefore, the appetite of the fish may not be so good.But this is only a general statement in theory and it is necessary to analyze according to the specific situation.Fishing is a comprehensive consideration of many factors, because the weather is not the only determinant.So, can you fish in the cloudy weather? We can tell you with certainty that many times it is possible to fish on a cloudy day.

Since we say that it is possible to go fishing on a cloudy day, then it is certain that fishing on a cloudy day definitely has his unique advantages.Or, if someone thinks that cloudy days are not suitable for fishing, there are certainly disadvantages, and they need to master fishing skills.Then, let's discuss the advantages of cloudy fishing and the key points and skills that need to be mastered in cloudy fishing.

1、Advantage of cloudy fishing 
A.When the weather is gloomy, the sun is scattered.And there is not much intensity after the sun shines on the water.Therefore, there will be almost no shadow of fishing player on the water at this time.Because of this, the possibility of fish being exposed to water being scared becomes relatively small.If the fish is not scared, it will become bold.The frequency of activities and the desire for foraging will increase at the same time. So,fishing is easier than having to fish at other times.

B.When the weather is gloomy, the wind is generally not big.At this time, there is basically no significant increase in the temperature of the water.At this time, the fish's foraging impulse is very strong, and the activity is not low. In short, as long as the temperature is not particularly low in the whole year, it is almost a good time to fish.

2.Skills of fishing in cloudy
A.On cloudy days, the pressure is generally lower than usual, and at the same time the oxygen content in the water is also low.In this case, the fish will swim to the water layer or the upper layer to breathe. At this time, there is not much time for fishing, so we have to look at the opportunity to shoot again.You need ti determined whether the bait and the fishing tungsten sinker are sunk to the bottom of the water or whether they are floating on the water to attract the fish that swim to the surface according to the movement of the fish .

B.Abandon the deep waters far from the shore and choose a shallow water area near the shore..On cloudy days, visibility in the waters is usually low.At this time, no matter whether you want to fish in clear water, shallow water, or water near the shore, there is no problem.However, it is best not to fish in turbid water, from the shores of the water and deep water.

C.Spend more on the baits.Go fishing on a cloudy day. If the activity of the fish is not high enough, the fishermen can add some drugs to stimulate the fish bite.The purpose of adding medicine is actually to increase the rate of fish biting.

D.You need to always consider the temperature factor.On a cloudy day without wind, fishing in shallow water is a good choice.But when it's windy, it's even more sensible to catch a fish in near shore water.If you encounter a cloudy day with light rain, just follow the original fishing method for fishing. You don’t have to pay much to change the fishing method.

However, if it is a day when it is cloudy and then turned into a sunny day, you can no longer fish according to the original fishing method.Because only by changing the skills at this time, we can adapt to the new weather conditions and not be disrupted by the sudden changes in the pace of our fishing.In most cases, when the weather turns from windy to sunny, the fisherman needs to change from fishing in shallow water to fishing in deep water.

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