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Why Do Men Love Fishing?

1. Fishing is a comprehensive sport
In order to fish, I often have to climb the mountains and go all day. Outdoor driving and hiking are often interspersed with fishing. Moreover, the wind and the rain, sweating and swaying, always have some physical strength, which will stimulate the incomparable potential of the body and automatically maintain the best state. This is why fishermen are still alive after they are seven or eighty years old.

2. Fishing is the perfect way to release stress
Fishing people go fishing, not how many fish must be caught today, but a release of the stress that is often cumbersome today. From the fun of fishing, it is the true meaning of pursuing a better life. Fishing in the environment of the water is conducive to relaxation and closeness to nature.

3. The angler has the will of the soldier
As the saying goes, men have dreams of joining the army, but only some people have realized their dreams. Fishing needs to be able to hold the air and catch the big things. Often the fishermen cultivate their own research and serious personality. The character of open-mindedness, cheerfulness, enthusiasm and patience has gradually become a character shared by the anglers. The fisherman is steady, full of affection for life, and tempering the will of the people!

4. Fishing is good for building a quality circle of friends
The omnipotent circle of friends tells us that most of the fishermen are also those who love fishing. In addition to fishing or fishing, the topic of fishing is the most popular. This is the so-called thing to gather together, people to group.

5. Fishing is good for forming a good personality
Abandoning the gains and losses of fame and fortune, I can appreciate the beauty endowed by nature, the relaxation from fishing, the peace of mind, the peace of mind, no longer deliberately pursue what, the mood is naturally pleasant, and the character is naturally cheerful. Work and life will be even better! With the experience of being bombarded with nature, "there is silence in the movement, there is movement in the silence" and the tenacious will, and will never accept the spirit.


6. There is almost no extramarital affairs in the fishing group.
People who like fishing have absolutely no time and money to go to extramarital affairs. In their minds, they think it is better to spend time on fishing and spend money on fishing gear. Professional fishing requires a complete set of fishing gear, which also requires a certain amount of money. So women, in order to prevent it, let your husband go fishing!

7. Fishing people often have fresh fish in their homes.
Even the stupid fisherman will have some basic common sense about the life of the fish. Of course, how to pick fish, kill fish, cook fish, how much will always be a little, this is how many women dream of good things, go out and boast of husband since fishing I often do housework afterwards. If you have better fishing skills, you will often give extra fish to your neighbors, saying that you have increased your neighborhood and said that you have contributed to a harmonious society and improved your social eating habits and health habits. Significant contribution.

8. The fisherman loves his wife.
In order to avoid the wife's face or no fishing, it even damages the fishing rights and damages the friendship between the fishing friends. People who like fishing are usually not stupid enough to make their wife unhappy. Therefore, men who love fishing have exercised high emotional intelligence. The fishermen have to plan the fishing time early, arrange the things at home, and do everything they should. If you are a smart woman, you will use this point to improve family control. Only stupid. Women will not understand the contribution of fishing husbands.

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