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Next, let's talk about the use of Spinners.
Spinners are an important part of the lure fishing.And are also a type of hard bait that Lure fans often use.Therefore, there are bound to be some problems in the process of use.After asking a lot of friends who like lure fishing, I summed up the most frequently questions.

That is:Use spinners when lure fishing , why the fish only chase the bait but does not bite the hook? What should I do when I encounter this difficulty?

When you are using spinners, there will definitely be a situation. It is obvious that the fish are chasing the spinners and have been chasing them for a long time. But why is it not to bite? If you can clearly see that the fish is already chasing the spinners, it means that the spinners have attracted the attention of the fish. And the rest of step is biting. Next, let's analyze the reasons why several fish do not bite:

1.    Operation method
The reason for this problem may be that some newcomers are not familiar with the operation method of the spinners, and can not correctly reflect the swimming style of the spinners.In this case, the ”food” is very strange for the fish. It has been attracted by the spinners, but it will not rashly bite.

2.    The size of the spinners is larger than the size of the target fish.So the target fish does not dare or have no confidence to attack the”prey” .As we all know that the law of survival in nature is: Great trees keep down the little ones.So the fish will not be stupid enough to attack a prey larger than their size.

3.    It can also happen when the same type of fishing baits is used multiple times in the same place.One of the traditions of lure fishing is that the fish are released after catching them.As the saying goes: Three strikes and you are out.The fish that have been released twice after there wre caught. After several "training", the bait has become smart and will not be fooled again.Therefore, when they see the bait swimming in the water again, they just chase after a look and do not bite.

4.    The fish are in the breeding season, the chase is just driving away.Fish in the breeding season will attach great importance to the surrounding living environment. Because they need a safe environment to nurture and protect their offspring.So, the chase you see is actually just the expulsion of the "invaders" by the fish.

5.    Generally on the surface of the water where you can see clearly the spinnersare chased by the fish .So for fish that are worried about being attacked by natural enemies. They will always be highly vigilant and will not easily bite.

6.    Except for what we just mentioned: After being caught and released, it becomes smarter.There is another case that the fish will not bite.That is:After the fish was repeatedly caught and released, the wound on the mouth resumed the stage, and did not dare to bite the bait.
7.    The water layer is too shallow and the fish have no confidence in preying.

8.    The hook is too big or there is a problem with the hook position.The fish has actually bitten, but just can't bite the hook. I have seen very clearly that the fish bite into the tail of the spinners instead of the hooks when I go lure fishing on last summer.

Above, we have analyzed in all aspects the reason why fish only chase hooks without biting when using spinners fishing.So how should we deal with this situation and what should be improved to achieve the purpose of fish biting?

The following suggestions are also summarized from friends and we hope to help you.

1. Transform the operation method, fast take-up to maximize the reflective effect of the spinners, tempting the fish to chase the bait.Then suddenly slow down and maintain a uniform speed, then the spinners should be about 15 meters from the shore.If the fish is smart, they should stop chasing the bait at the moment. If the fish continues to chase the bait, you can try to slow down and swing the spinners left and right. According to general experience, the fish will bite at this time.

2. Replace the fishing spot and try to attract the new target fish.

3. Change the big hook to a small hook and go fish again.

4. Replace a small size spinners for casting.

5. Deepen the depth of the spinners to 50cm, giving the fish a sense of security and then bite

6. Avoid the breeding season of the target fish
7. Add decorations to the tail of sequins, such as fly fishing flies.

The above is some of our solutions for fish not biting when you use spinners.If you have any questions or ideas on bass fishing,fly fishing,fly tying flies,fly tying and ice fishing,please feel free to contact fishpaby.

If you want to buy tungsten nail weights, don't hesitate that we will be your best choice.
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