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Color selection and operation skills of worms

Regardless of sea water and fresh water, worms are an indispensable part of Lure.Like other soft baits, their target fishes are concentrated in the lower and middle of the water. So it is necessary to match the jig heads to let the worms to sink to a certain depth.

The difference between worms and other soft baits is that worms are longer than other soft baits.Many people think that fish can not bite the hook.In fact, the fish usually attack the head of the worms, so the biting rate will not be very low.Of course, the biting rate of longer soft worms is lower than other shorter soft baits such as grubs.


The target fish of the soft worm is diverse. Because basically all meat fish and curious fish are bitten by the temptation of worms.Because swimming speed of the worms is slow, many fish can catch it.Next, let's discuss the color selection and manipulation techniques of the soft baits, hoping to bring some help to everyone.


1.Color selection tips

In terms of color selection, bright colors such as white, pink and yellow can be used on cloudy, evening, morning and when the fish are active.On the contrary, dark colors such as brown, black, dark green, etc. can be used.In addition to the curved tail, the soft worm has a flat tail, a double tail and no tail, etc.There are also many lengths, ranging from 4 cm to 8 cm.You have to buy the length of the soft worms according to the different target fish.A soft insect that is too long or too short is not suitable. Usually 5cm of soft worms are used more.The size of the jig heads should match the size of the soft worm.But basically big is better than small.In contrast, the weight of the jig heads k needs to be lighter..If jig head is too heavy, it will cause the worms to swim less vividly.It is usually sufficient to use a 1/16oz-1/32oz jig heads on a 1m to 5m fishing place.If the water flow is fast, you can use a 1/8oz jig head.

2.Different soft baits control methods

When it comes to the method of operation, it is commonly used when the worms reaches the riverbed or the seabed, gently vibrates and slowly recovers.But this is easier to hang.The second is to take the line back after the soft baits reaches the riverbed or the seabed.This kind of drag is suitable for the curved tail worms.It is best to raise the soft worm upwards when shaking and retracting, which may be easier for fish to find and reduce the chance of hanging.


Grub—is a commonly used soft baits.The basic action is to let it sink into the water naturally when it falls into the water.When it sinks to the bottom of the water, taking off and releasing the line at a steady speed.Remember that the hoe does not move, otherwise the swimming position of the soft worm will not be vivid.As for some people ask where soft baits are available.In fact, all the places where the water is not deep can be used for soft baits.


When using Grub in deep water, you need to rely on the swing of the tail when Grub sinks to attract the fish.At this time, you should use the heavier Jig head, which will make Grub sink to the water bottom faster, and make the fishing line tighten to make it easier to grasp the fish in the bottom.


When using Grub in shallow water, you need to make Grub more easily found by fish.You can provoke Grub up, but don't pick it too high or too often. Sudden jumps can provoke the fish to bite the bait!

Twin Tail—Jig Play shrimp with pliers in fresh water and shrimp or crab in sea water. Using Twin Tail is usually a slow and small jump. Jig Head should not be used too heavy, which will make the action inflexible.

Tube—A soft bait like a shrimp.But the action is more like the shrimp in the escape.When the Tube is twitched, it will dodge to the left or right, like the shrimp fleeing when it is scared. Tube is a good use of soft baits.

Craw Fish—This is a kind of soft worms like shrimp and suitable for twitching or moving slowly.


This concludes the discussion of the color selection and operation of the soft baits.Remember: When using a soft bait, be sure to use it with a jig heads.When using lead hooks, be sure to use environmentally friendly materials such as tungsten and copper.

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