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How to use jig heads?

What is the jig head? Simply, it is a kind of bait used by the jig head with a soft bait. According to the different types of fish in lure fishing, the jig head are used for fishing with different soft baits, such as tail-tailed scorpion, T-tail, needle tail, soft shrimp, noodle and worm.Different jig heads are suitable for different fish and different water.

So in a special fishing environment where the water flow rate is very fast, what kind of soft bait should be chosen to match the jig head? That depends on the type of fish in the water.
There are many kinds of lure species that like to chase the rapids or grow in the rapids. Common things are Topmouth culter, Pale chub,
Catfish and so on.
According to my many years of experience, the jig head with the grub, T-tail and needle tail can get very good fishing results. Next I will combine my own fishing experience to introduce the characteristics of these jig heads and their application in the rapids.

1. characteristics of jig head

The sizes of jig head is based on weight of jig heads. The heavy jig heads are also large in size, and the small jig heads are also small in size. The hook type has many options as well as other hooks, and can be selected according to your own experience and the environment and effects at the time.

The most important factor for selecting jig head is the hardness of the hook. The hook with a poor hardness is easily pulled open after the big fish bites the hook to cause the fish to run away.

However, the hook with poor hardness is not useless. I like to use this fishing group in the water of the obstacle area. Because if you encounter the hanging bottom, you can straighten the hook directly, thus avoiding the risk of losing the bait. You just need to change the hook.

1.Jig head and grub
Grub is the most common soft bait that is paired with a jig head and consists of a long body and a curled tail. The grub can be divided into single tail and double tail. And the length is from 4 cm to 10 cm or more. In addition to the length, the grub also has different color. Commonly divided into red, white, gray, yellow, green and other colors. There are also some reflective spinner inside the body to increase the bionic effect, enhance the object fish discovery and attack the chance of baiting.

Pay attention to the material when selecting the grub. And check whether the material uses high quality soft glue. Because the inferior soft rubber will give off a pungent taste. However, the inferior soft rubber does not have a violent effect on the fishing biting. Sometimes the scented rubber can obtain a high fishing biting rate in a certain water area, such as in the rapids.

We often need choose different jig heads and grubs depending on the type of fish. So when preparing for fishing, We can prepare some grubs of different sizes and colors.

The jig head with grub is characterized by a flexible and gentle stroke that can be used for the entire swimming layer. But it is depend on the control method of fishing friends. This fishing tackle combination is relatively easy to operate, basically a simple operation of “throwing out and retracting”.

When retracted, the grub will pose in a tempting position in the water, bringing out water waves to attract fish to bite.
If combined with some other manipulation methods, the grub is like an escaped worm, which can stimulate the attacking instinct of the fish.

2.jig head and T grub fishing tackle combination
T grub, the shape is like the word "T", the biggest difference from the T grub is the shape of the tail. The body of the T-grub is larger, and the resistance generated by the throwing of the jig head is stronger. On the contrary, this fishing tackle combination without the same weight is thrown far.
The size of the T grub is ranges from 5 cm to 10 cm. The shape of the T grub is more like the shape of a fish, so the combination with the jig heads is characterized by a gentler stroke and a smaller swinging frequency of the tail. In the same case, the chance of the bite is higher.

Today, the use of the jig heads and the grub fishing tackle group and the method of use are ending here. The next time I will share with you is still the knowledge about the jig head.I wish everyone can get a better fishing experience with the help of fishpaby.
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