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What are dvantages of jig head?



lure fishing has always been called "water golf". Intuitively, it is a sport that the "noble" can afford. But with the continuous development of the Lure movement. Lure's simple, convenient, and easy-to-learn sports characteristics are quickly accepted by the public, so many people can enjoy Lure's fun while they are working. 
2. Versatility

When I started to play lure fishing, the bait used was usually a hard bait such as spinner, Minor, and pencil. I can always use spinners when I can catch fish with spinners. Later, my friends used Minor and pencil to get big fish. I started playing Minor and pencil. I think Minor is the closest fish to the target fish who like to prey. This is also the case, Minor, pencil fishing a lot of cockles, so Minor, pencil became my first choice.

However, most of the places where big fish can be caught are in the waters of the hurdles where the bottom of the water is complex and there are rocks and branches everywhere. Therefore, the hard baits hanging bottom is a common occurrence. Although we know that it is possible to hang up, we still choose to use hard bait in the obstacle area for the fun of fishing.

I used to lose a lot of spinners and Minow in one night at the same fishing spot. The bait was badly damaged and did not receive any fish. Finally, I was seriously worried about this place.

Later, I thought about various ways to prevent the hang up. For example, the hook used a single hook, and the fishing tackle combination chose the drop shot rig. But the final result is not as good as I expected, and the bait is still hanging.

When using the bait, there may be a misunderstanding: the bait with a high price is better in the water, and as long as the quality of the hook is good, the probability of the fish biting the hook will be high.

However, it has been proved that in the case where the water and the fish itself are in good condition, as long as the bait exhibits irregular movements such as swinging up and down and upside down in the water, the bite of the fish is obtained.

The above three low-cost fishing tackle combination made me completely rid of the fear of hanging out, let me regain the confidence of fishing. With these three fishing tackle combination, we have greatly improved the rate of our fishing in the obstacle zone.

Initially, I thought that the jig head could only be used for bass, which was not good for other fish.

But when I catch different types of target fish with the jig head. I deeply realized that the basic functions of the three jig heads are not worse than the high-quality hard bait.

The jig head is not only suitable for seawater fishing, but also suitable for all domestic freshwater environments. It is a kind of “universal” bait.

For the rapid flow road, it has a seasonal advantage, that is, in the winter, the use of the lead-head hook fishing group will have an unexpected effect.
In addition, the jig head can be applied to almost all kinds of complicated environments, and since the single hook is used, the probability of hanging up is relatively low, so the loss of fishing using the jig head fishing group is small.

The above is why we use jig heads in the rapids.
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