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TUHow to use the Tube, which is known as the "king of soft bait"?

 People who play Lure fishing should use many different kinds of soft baits. We have also discussed the types of soft baits long time ago. There are mainly worm, tube, noddle, grub, lizard, craw, senko and trailer.
Among these soft baits, there must be one that everyone thinks is the best.Now I want to share with you the best soft bait in my mind, namely tube.
As everyone knows: Senko is a very good soft bait. But after the actual use, you will find: After comparing senko with Tube, Tube is the king of soft bait.
The Tube soft bait was invented by Bobby Garland more than 30 years ago. The most original brand is Gitzit, which is now available in large and small fishing gear stores.
Tube.We don't need to repeat the size of the Tube. From a few millimeters to more than 20 centimeters, the colors are varied. And whether it is for freshwater fish or big fish in the sea, the effect is very good. The soft baits in bass fishing, mainly using 10 cm to 13 cm Tube.
Today, when Senko is rampant, people seem to ignore Tube's versatile and durable quality.
Let's take a closer look at the advantages of the tube.
  1. The cost is low, and it doesn't matter if it is lost due to the hanging up. The size and color are complete range, allowing you to choose according to different target fish and different water conditions.
  2. Robust and durable.A Tube can be used many times to help you get a lot of Bass. And the more damaged the tube, the higher the bite rate. If the head of the Tube is cracked before fishing, it can be burned with a lighter.
  3. Tube can be used to catch fish that live on the surface of the water. It can also be used to fish fish that have deep water in the fish. In general, it has a temptation to all the fish in the water.
  4. Tubes of different colors and models can simulate a variety of creatures. Such as lobster, small fish, etc., These are the food that Bass likes to eat, so the rate of biting is higher.
  5. Tube can be use in a variety of methods, which is not comparable to other soft bait.
These are some of my ideas zbout advantages of the tube and why I think tube is the king of soft bait.
Then let's take a look at how to choose tube.
1.Tube is divided into Thin Wall and ThickWall (Flipping Tube).ThinWall Tube's head skin is thin, usually using no more than 1/4 oz of fishing weight or jig head. This kind of Tube has a good swimming style, and it is vivid to imitate small fish.
ThickWall Tube's head is thick and size is large. This Tube is tied with the Texas rig, used in the water grass area as a floating tube for the surface, or with a counterweight such as a flapping sinker.
  1. The color of the Tube is determined by the object of the imitation.There are generally three choices: first choice is white , second is brownish green plus gold powder.It is for capturing small mouth fish. Third is blue black.In addition, there are some Bleeding series, that is, the whiskers have blood red. But I personally feel that this is nothing special.
  2. Most Tubes are high in salt. But the salt in the plastic bag is useless to me. Every time I buy it, I have to wash it off to prevent the salt powder from falling onto other fishing gear, causing the fishing gear to rot and rust.If the Tube is used on Stand Up Jig, Shaky Head or Drop Shot, we will use a low-salt or salt-free Tube because of the good buoyancy of the Tube.
  3. Tube's whiskers don't have to be neat, but they must be separated. Before the Tube is launched, we have to personally treat the whiskers to make it more fluffy.
  4. There is a kind of Tube called Rib Tube (or Ring Tube), its exterior is concave and convex.This Tube thick skin head, mainly used for Texas Rig. It is said that Rib Tube can increase the water resistance and the amplitude of water flow when it is exercised.
The above is some opinions about the tube.In addition, in order to allow the tube to sink into deeper water, you may need to increase the counter weight.Such as flipping tungsten sinker,bullet worm weight,drop shot weight,barrel sinker, punch weight ans so on.
Fishpaby is specialize in tungsten fishing weight for many years.Not only for bass fishing,but also fly fishing and ice fishing.
So if you want to purchase weights for your soft baits,please feel free to contact us.
Thank you.
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