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Bass fishing,fly fishing,trout fishing time on summer

 Many people should know that summer is a good season for fishing. Compared to winter and spring, summer temperatures are higher and fish are more active. Therefore, summer fishing is very easy compared to winter. However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. The temperature in summer is a decisive factor in fishing. However, it is not suitable for fishing all day in the summer. Everyone fishing bass, fly fishing must have this awareness to get a good fishing experience while fishing.

Then let's discuss the summer time for fishing.

1.When is the prime time in the morning?

If you ask: What is the prime time for summer fishing? Then I think: This problem may be more familiar to many older fishermen, because these fishermen have a relatively accurate grasp of fishing time and weather, and the most important factor is that they basically do not sleep late. It is precisely this lifestyle that allows them to get the best fishing prime time. Perhaps when many young people are sleeping, the older generation of fishermen have been enjoying the fun of fishing. Therefore, many experienced fishermen only fish at this time of the morning.

The summer sunrise is usually around five in the morning. At this time, the fishermen can choose to get up and wash, and after breakfast, they can start fishing. When you arrive at the fishing spot and prepare for fishing, the fish bite hooks are more frequent around sunrise.

Especially after sunrise, the temperature in the water begins to rise gradually. The temperature in the shallow water rises faster than the temperature in the deep water. At this time, the oxygen content in the deep water is lower than that in the shallow water area, plus most The fish are digested overnight and the stomach is hungry, so they are eager to find food on the shore. In fact, this is just like our human beings. After all night digestion, the stomach is hungry and it is urgent to replenish energy through breakfast. So at this time, experienced fishermen will catch shallow water areas and shores. Grasping the timing of the morning, it is possible to get a lot of fish.

2.Can you fish at noon?

My advice is: Take a rest at noon. Because the sun's rays at noon are extremely strong, in some places, the temperature at noon can reach 40 degrees or more. At this time, the temperature is almost the highest in the day. The fish are basically full after breakfast, and the temperature of the shallow water and the shore water at this time is already very high, which is totally unsuitable for their survival, so most of the fish have already swam to the deep water area at this time. . The temperature there is slightly lower, suitable for summer, and at this time of noon, not only the temperature is high but also sultry. Because of the boring, the oxygen in the water is also relatively small. This factor also determines that most fish will not forage at this time. Attentive people sometimes find that there is still a lot of fish wandering around the water at noon. At this time, don't think that the fish are coming out for food. In fact, they are because the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is too small, to run to the surface of the water to absorb oxygen.
Therefore, during the hot summer noon, I suggest you find a cool place to rest.

3.When is the best time for night fishing?

Since it is not suitable for fishing at noon, how long is it the best time to fish? Under normal circumstances, after 5 pm to 6 pm in summer, it is an ideal fishing time. At this time, the sunset is ready, the temperature and water temperature are in a declining stage, and the oxygen is gradually increasing. At the same time, most of the fish are basically hungry after a long half of the activity. Then the fish will become very active, swimming on the water, or swimming to the shore for food. Therefore, after 5pm, the fish's bite rate is very high.

4.Summer evening is the best fishing time of the year

As we all know, night fishing is a good time to fish. All kinds of noise and interference have disappeared. Objectively speaking, it has created a good environment for foraging all kinds of fish, especially big fish, or sensitive fish, which will swim to the shore for food. Therefore, night fishing harvest Generally very large.

Especially in the summer night, it is more suitable for fishing, because the temperature of the water is very high from noon, and the light is very strong. Many fish and human beings are busy with the summer, and the desire to forage is not strong. At night, the temperature of the water drops to the extent that the fish feels comfortable, and the fish in the far waters are more stimulating to go to the shore to find food. At the same time, fishing in the summer night is also a time to take a cool meal. This is a moment when fish and people feel comfortable.

Therefore, as a Fish player, it is very important to understand the various fishing time in summer. This will help you better understand the eating characteristics of the fish, and it will be easier to target fishing. Take a break when you are resting.
Ok, today's discussion about fishing time is over.
If you have any suggestions for bass fishing, fly fishing or ice fishing, please contact us.
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