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How to buy fly fishing rod?


To know the fly fishing tackle before your start fly fishing.

When novices start to learn the fly fishing, there will always be doubts. so we must first understand the various equipment of fly fishing.
Beginners of the fly fishing, do not know if you have used the fly fishing method to get the first fish? Recalling that the first fish I caught with fly fishing was just a small white fish, but that feeling has always stayed in my heart.
When I started to tie my own fly tying flies with tungsten scud bodies, I would summarize my understanding of the fishing environment and the target fish, and instill all of these ideas into the wet flies I personally tied. On the day of fishing, the fly fishing tying flies that I personally tied were confirmed. A group of about 70 cm long Hawaiian sea otters violently attacked my flies.
At the moment their bite, my heart is about to stop beating, because the indescribable excitement and passion are clearly transmitted to my hands and my heart through the fly fishing line. I subconsciously pulled the line, and at that moment I was excited about the whole person!
The line placed on the ground slipped out of my fingertips when it was not used, and the fly line was straightened in an instant. What followed was the sound of the reels, just like Mozart’s "Turkish March"! It was this picture, I was deeply attracted by fly fishing, and I fell in love with fly fishing.
Next, let's take a look at the equipment for flying fishing.
1. How do we choose the suitable fishing rod?
Take the one-handed rod as an example. In the current market, we can find many fly mites of different lengths and materials. These rods are also divided into hard, medium and hard, medium and soft.
Among the many types of fishing rods, which one is right for you? We can first choose the length of the fishing rod according to the fishing ground situation. For example, in some small streams or small places with a water surface width of about 8 meters, I usually use a medium-hard fishing rod of 2 meters or 2.5 meters long. There is basically no need for a long shot in this type of fishing. Moreover, the target fish species in this fishing ground are generally not large, especially in the small creeks in the mountains. The environment of the trees on both sides of the tree determines that the overthrowing cannot be carried out at all, and even the throwing can only be carried out reluctantly.
At this time, the short-term will be useful, and in this case, the number of the dice will generally be 1 to 3, but there are exceptions. Because there are 2 to 4 rods on the market, the length is only about 2.5 meters. How is this rod used?
This kind of rod is designed for the Czech Nymph fishing method. It was not designed for throwing, but for the fishing line that is 1.6 times longer than the raft, throwing the hook to the upstream direction of the river, and then The fishing rod makes the fishing line slightly tight. At this time, the flies swings in a fan shape with the fishing rod, and it keeps going down until the fishing line is completely straightened, and we throw it back upstream.
The "throwing" here does not mean throwing and casting, but a technique that focuses on the depth of the wet flies or dry flies, and the short squat is not suitable for this kind of operation. Even if it can be operated, because the range of throwing is relatively small, we still need to determine the appropriate length of rod according to different occasions when choosing the rod
In some large rivers or reservoirs and lakes with wide water surface, the most commonly used fishing rod is about 2.5 meters. Because there is a relatively large fishing space, we need a wider range of search, that is, the long shot of the hook to a farther location becomes a problem we must solve.
If you use a sea-fishing fly maggot, you need to use a large long scorpion to meet the needs of wind and long-range. However, if you are throwing a ball on the boat, you should use the fly maggots 13 to 16
Because the weight of the fishing rod is relatively large, if you wave it with a longer cymbal, it may cause sports injuries. Therefore, the length of the fishing rod will also be shortened at this time. Generally, the length of about 2 meters is more suitable.
In summary, when choosing a fishing rod, in addition to the size of the target fish and the size of the hook, it is necessary to carefully select the appropriate length of the fishing rod according to different fishing environment and operation methods, instead of blindly obeying others’ opinions. The experience of others was completely copied, and it was impossible to buy fishing tackles regardless of the suitability. As a result, it was only when the fishing ground realized that the fishing tackle was bought wrong, and it wasted his valuable fishing time.
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