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Where should I go fishing in summer?

 Fishing method in Summer

So many people find it difficult to fish in the summer, and they rarely catch fish. But summer is the season when fish have the most activity and food intake in a year, so there is a contradiction between them. The summer is not suitable for fishing. It is mainly due to the high temperature in summer, which leads to high water temperature and even exceeds the tolerance range of the fish. Therefore, the fish with high water temperature will definitely not come. Therefore, the key to summer fishing is to find the place where the fish hide.
It is because fishing in summer is difficult, so you need to master the method of fishing.If you want to master the method of fishing, please remember a few points.
1.Fishing in deep water
Many people know very well that they should fish in deep water in summer. Because the water temperature gradually decreases with the increase of the depth of the water, the summer deep water area is lower than the shallow water area and is more suitable for fish survival. But there are two points to note. First, in the morning and evening in summer, the shallow water is cool and suitable, and only the shallow water has food, so it is best not to fish in deep water in the morning and evening, because there is no food in the deep place, and In the summer day, only the morning and evening water temperatures are low, and the fish will naturally take time to eat while holding the water temperature. Second, fishing in deep water areas is not the deeper the area, the better. In areas that are too deep, although the water temperature is low, oxygen and light are insufficient. In the case of trout fishing, the water depth should not exceed 5 meters, and the fish can be deeper. To sum up, it is: fishing in shallow water in the morning and evening, fishing in the deep water at noon.
2.Fishing in a cool place
The water temperature will be higher in places exposed to direct sunlight, and the natural water temperature will be cooler in places where the water surface is blocked. It is not necessary to catch too much water in places where there is shelter on the water surface. These places, such as hillsides, large buildings, bridges and other shadows, such as the shade of trees on the shore, such as water plants, lotus leaves, etc. can also block the light, can keep the lower waters cooler. So in addition to choosing to fish in the deep water area, you can also choose to fish in the shade.
3.Fishing in flowing water
In addition to increasing the oxygen capacity in the water, the running water also has the effect of lowering the water temperature. It is not advisable to choose the water that flows quickly because the fish we often fish do not like the rapids, but the activities are in the slow running water. So you can choose a part of the still waters that has a slow flow, such as around the water inlet, but not too close to the water inlet.
4.Fishing in the downwind direction of the north wind
In summer, there is no air and no fishing, and there is wind to catch big fish. This is common sense that everyone knows. Winding will accelerate the exchange of air on the surface of the water, which will also cause the flow of water, so the wind will increase the oxygen capacity in the water and lower the water temperature. But also depends on the wind and wind direction. Generally speaking, the wind genius below level 4 is more suitable for fishing out, followed by the wind direction. The northerly wind temperature in summer is very suitable, and the north wind will lower the temperature by more than 5 degrees. The northerly winds occur in front of the typhoon, or a few days after the heavy rain. Fishing on a windy day requires attention to the use of the fishing group. When the wind is blowing, only the downwind fishing position will be smoother. This requires attention to match the larger fishing sinkers, such as the Texas rig flipping fishing sinker,wholesale bullet worm fishing weight and other fish to ensure accurate throwing.
 We pay attention to fishing methods if we want to go Summer fishing.We can also have a good fishing experience. Choose the weather or time when the fish will eat normally, find a place where the water is cooler or the weather, and catch a lot of fish in summer.
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