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The best bait for the river fishing

Experienced fishing enthusiasts should be asked by the novice to ask the following questions: Which kind of bait should be used when the water is deeper? Or which fishing tackle combination should be used? Is it the Drop shot rig or the Texas fishing rig? Or directly use the hard bait means VIB?
It is very difficult to make relatively accurate judgments under the premise that we do not understand the fishing waters surroundings. In fact, there are many factors need to be considered in this type of problem. For example: the novices say that the water is deep, but it does not specify the specific depth. And what kind of target fish are they? How about their desire to forage? Is the bait suitable for these type of target fish? Is the water turbid or clear? Do you know the temperature in the water? Is the recent rising water or ebb water? Is there any obstacle or water grass in the water? Is there a shoal in the water? And so on, these factors are all aspects we have to consider. It is very difficult to judge if only a relative standard is given separately.
The first time you go fishing in a strange waters, you have to go through a process of constant experimentation. Therefore, only by constant experimentation that you can fully understand the specific situation of this water area. Try different waters at different times. Of course, these attempts also include trying with different types of lure baits.
Use different types of lures bait to investigate the condition of the fish in the water, such as different types and different size of bait. Observe what kind of bait they are interested in. Interest here refers to which bait was bitten by the target fish. It is more aggressive in the environment in which the test object fish is tested in different waters. (This type of situation refers to various obstacles, water plants, wind direction and water flow position, etc.) The bite rate and fish populations in different areas of different time periods tend to differ. Time and space are two elements that can relatively determine the position of the fish and the condition of the bite. In both cases, these two elements are guidelines for our choice of waters.
After simply dividing the time and space issues, let's take a look at our fishing tackles. That is, the lure bait and the fishing tackle combination. Every fishing enthusiast has different understanding and manipulation of the bait. Some people control fast, and some slow ones are the easiest to understand. Some people like to fish in the obstacle zone, some people like to fish in the water grass, and some friends like to fish in the shallows. According to the classification of such fishing methods, a considerable number of fishing tackle combinations can be divided. These choices are a testimony to the ability of a fisherman. The more capable the angler can give more choices, the quicker and more accurate depending on the environment and time.
Only VIB is used as a reference. It is only for underwater fishing or for searching the whole swimming layer. Is it slower or faster? It is a big difference in fishing in shoals or obstacles. If you refer to other factors, the result will be More different. Therefore, when fishing, adding your own understanding of the waters in the experience of others, understanding of the bait, understanding of the fish is very important. Because the experience of others before may not be suitable for the current fishing situation.
All of the above points are just my personal point of view, and are some of the points I extracted during my study of lure fishing and accumulated experience. I hope that I can give you more space for free thinking and create your favorite fishing method based on the principles and understanding of your own understanding.
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