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Who Will Be the Next Jobs in Fishing Gear Industry ?

    A fishing weight is used to force a lure or bait to increase its rate of sink,anchoring ability,and velocity. Fishing weight can be as small as 1/32oz for shallow water and even smaller for fly fishing. Or as large as dozen oz for deep-sea fishing. Fishing weight are usually made of lead into different shapes loading with a hook and covering with soft material to attract fish.

However, due to environmental protection, the selection of fishing weight materials has become a major issue for fishing weight manufacturers. In recent years, tungsten is the first choice in fishing weight production. Tungsten fishing weight has the characteristics of high density(>18g/cm3), small size, nuisance free, strong wind resistance, sinking fast and so on.Tungsten fishing weight are replacing lead fishing weight,becoming the best fishing weight.

What’s more, tungsten fishing weight has more advantages than lead fishing weight. On the one hand, whether Lure fishing, fly fishing or ice fishing, many well-to-do fishing enthusiasts choose to use those in tungsten. On the other hand, some fishing fans do not use tungsten fishing weight because prices are high. Even so, with the increasing of environmental consciousness around the world and the pursuit of more fishing entertainment, tungsten fishing weight will become the inevitable choice. It's like smart phones has replaced digital phones, even if the price of smart phones is several times higher than that of digital phones.

The vitality of fishing weight companies lies in constantly providing fishing enthusiasts with better fishing products. There is no future for any company who thinks in stubborn way without innovation and dares not to lead the way to new progress. The reason why Nokia has declined is that it was not ahead of time.

The upgrade of fishing weight is looking forward to the coming of Jobs in tungsten fishing weight manufacturing industry! Who will be the next Jobs?
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