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Supply Tungsten Beads Best Quality Fly Tying Tungsten Slotted Beads

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Type: Tungsten slotted beads

Material: 97% pure tungsten

Color: Natural,Gold,Silver,Black Nickle,Copper,Orange

Density: 18g/cm3

Package: carton,bulk

Delivery Time: 7-20 days after receive your payment

Payment: T/T,L/C,Western Union

—————— Product Presentation ——————

We label the beads the size that they actually are while most dealers
just round them up to the half mm size. What that means is our 2.3mm bead
is another seller's 2.5mm and our 2.8mm is another seller's 3mm bead etc.
Slotted beads are great for jig hooks but I also use them for straight shanked hooks as well.
By inserting lead wire into the slot you can offset the bead to increase hook gap
and the hold of the hook while also inverting the fly in the water.
The colored beads allow you to add an extra flare or a hotspot to your flies.
The 3.8mm beads fit into the FIPS Mouche measuring device
so you'll know you're legal if you fish in FIPS governed competitions.


Cat Size Cat Size
23TS 2.3mm 20TS 2.0mm
28TS 2.8mm 25TS 2.5mm
33TS 3.3mm 30TS 3.0mm
38TS 3.8mm 35TS 3.5mm
46TS 4.6mm 40TS 4.0mm

————    FAQ    ————


Q1: What are the main properties of tungsten?
A1:  There are many special performance of tungsten weights,
e.g., small volume but high density, high melting-point and hardness,
excellent abrasive resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, good thermo stability,
anti-corrosion, excellent anti-fracturing ability. Besides, it is a kind of non-poisonous
and environmental friendly material which conforms to environment protection.

Q2: Can I have discount if I order many tungsten weights?
A2: Certainly! We could offer you better price according to the quantity you order,
I promise you the price would be reasonable and acceptable compared with our competitors.

Q3: Why we use tungsten alloy fishing sinkers?
A3: Tungsten has gained a lot of popularity recently. Compared with the same weight of lead.
Tungsten uses 50% less material than lead for the same amount of weight.
This means a 1-ounce tungsten sinker has a smaller volume, letting it penetrate weeds easier.
Also, tungsten is more dense than lead, which makes your fishing more sensitive.
It transmits vibrations differently depending on in which if you’re fishing, mud, rock or wood.


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