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tungsten sinkers on sales.

We are tungsten sinkers wholesalers, we produce tungsten sinkers which are sold all over the world and are well received by customers. If you are looking for tu

We are the supplier of tungstenswerers wholesale. We produce and sell all kinds of tungsten sinkers. If you are interested in our tungsten sinkers, our product quality will definit

*The extremely dense tungsten material makes the Tungsten Tear Drop Shot Round Eye extremely sensitive, be able to perceive every motion the weight contact with;


*Composed of 97% tungsten, it is far denser and more compact than lead, thus also much harder;
*Extremely sensitive, broadcasting every tick and bump your weight contact with - so

*Designed to penetrate structure such as matted grass, and also make flipping docks and working through wood
and vegetation much easier than is possible with traditional lead weig

provide ideal, environmentally friendly alternative to lead weights.
Harder than steel and extremely dense, tungsten is on average 30% smaller than its lead counterpart.

The tungsten Skirt Punch Weight penetrates and falls through cover better than ordinary lead weights and the skirt adds that live action needed to turn on big fish.

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