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Lure fishing is also called bionic bait fishing or artificial bait fishing. It is a method of imitating weak creatures and triggering big fish attacks.Most of the marine fishes can be excellent lure fish, GT is the most popular fish.In freshwater, common fishes are Bass,Snakehead, Catfish,Carp and so on.Lure’s two categories are hard bait and soft bait.

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Design for bass fishing applications encompassing a broad spectrum of techniques and rigging methods.

We offer the Tungsten Flipping Weights in 16 sizes in five colors: Natural,Matt Black, Green Pumpkin, Blood Red and Rainbow.

Provide ideal, environmentally friendly alternative to lead weights

Harder than steel and extremely dense, tungsten is on average 30% smaller than its lead counterpart.

Tungsten Flipping Weights deliver an extra small profile perfect for slipping in and out of cover,

and their tungsten composition also creates double the sound when they hit against a glass bead or rock

Tungsten Flipping Weights is also ultra smooth and resists chipping for long lasting color.

Tungsten Flipping Weights are polished tungsten and do not have an insert tube

*97% pure tungsten heavier and more compact than lead.
*We committed to preserve water ,keeping our water clean and the fish biting.
*Tungsten Flipping Weight are available in both natural, black and green pumpkin colors and so on
*Tungsten Flipping Weights deliver an extra small profile perfect for slipping in and out of cover,and their tungsten composition also creates double the sound when they hit against a glass bead or rock

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