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New Point of Fishing Skills

About tungsten fishing tackle articles and fishing skills.How to select fishing spots, how to choose fishing rod, how to select fish line.

The upgrade of fishing weight is looking forward to the coming of Jobs in tungsten fishing weight manufacturing industry! Who will be the next Jobs?

Zhuzhou City - Birthplace of Tungsten Carbide in China

Comprehensive ban on lead will become inevitable. How should fishing gear enterprises deal with it?

At present, the lead material of the fishing gear market is dominated, accounting for 95% of the fish drop market, while the tungsten alloy fish falls to occupy about 5% of the market share of the high-end market.The tungsten alloy material is more environmentally friendly and has no pollution to water resources compared to the lead material fish sinker. It is well-known that lead is toxic to both animals and humans. In fishing, fish lines or lead sinkers often break loose by large fish, while l

This article introduces how tungsten fishing weights make.
The main steps are:ingredienting,pressing,molding, sintering, sandblasting

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