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tungsten putty on sales.

If you want to purchase tungsten putty, we are your best choice, we are from China, we have advanced technology, delivery fast, large capacity, good service. If

FISH PABY is a professional tungsten putty manufacturer. We are from the largest tungsten alloy production industrial area in Asia, specializing in the producti

*HIGH QUALITY: Tungsten putty is a non-hardening, moldable material made from tungsten mud.
*PACKAGE WEIGHT: 1oz/pc or 2oz/pc,non-toxic, long lasting, reusable, child-safe, environ

*Soft malleable rig putty
*It is a maximum adhesive putty that sticks to every type of link and stays put.
*This putty is re-useable and grips wel

*The tungsten putty of FishPaby is made of 97% pure tungsten.It is great for fine tuning center of gravity.
*Easy to mol and pinch off from fishing line.
*Easily tune the balance a

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