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New Point of Fishing Skills

About tungsten fishing tackle articles and fishing skills.How to select fishing spots, how to choose fishing rod, how to select fish line.

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Often talking about fishing skills, today we talk about sea fishing current knowledge.

First, the Kuroshio Current

Fishing in the marine environment must natu

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Mark pressed feed-forward control and drove forward. I used Tenebrio molitor instead. Out of sudden, the rod tip stopped downward for one second. I pulled up my

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Right after Chinese Outdoor Bassing (COB) coming to its end in Sichuan Province, I received the invitation from Kim Jongjiu, the president of NS; and Chairman A

It gave me a boost after the first fishing tournament of Deltal. To tell the truth, the fish in America was harder to catch than I had thought. The point is the

I tried to throw back my line little by little, to calmly unease its strike every time. Several rounds later, it stopped to resist against me in the 50-meter-de

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