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New Point of Fishing Skills

About tungsten fishing tackle articles and fishing skills.How to select fishing spots, how to choose fishing rod, how to select fish line.

We are the manufacturer of tungsten fishing weight. Our tungsten fishing weight is not only fair, but also has a large supply, high quality, and a lot of styles

We come from China Zhuzhou, we are tungsten bass weights manufacturers,Our tungsten bass weights are sold to the United States, Britain, Russia, Europe and othe

FISH PABY is a professional manufacturer of tungsten weights. Our tungsten weights are not only rich in color and style, but also excellent in quality. Our tung

Snakehead is a ferocious carnivorous fish. For Lure fans, snakehead also known as Raigyo , is one of the main target fish of Lure fishing. The scorpion of snake

Last time we have introduced some of the living habits of snakehead, I guess that everyone have a certain degree of understanding of snakehead. We also mentione

By Tim E. Hovey
Adapted by GwenDespite the grim news, we decided to branch out and serch some of the tributaries to San Mateo Creek. With only two side creeks

Let us review the use of the thunder frog we mentioned in the last article first. The use of the frog is the occasion where snakehead appears. Because snakehea

By Tim E. Hovey
Adapted by Gwen
When I first transferred over from the marine division to the island fisheries program at the California Department of Fish an

The bass is a very strange fish. Sometimes we go fishing for bass. We don't see them all day. But after a while we go to the same fishing spot, we can alway

Photo/ Article by Xi Dong
Translated by Gwen
The Alternation of Season

I think “season” is a good fancy word, it brings the change of spring

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