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New Point of Fishing Skills

About tungsten fishing tackle articles and fishing skills.How to select fishing spots, how to choose fishing rod, how to select fish line.

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Deep down in every people’s heart, there’s a great river, his one and only favorite river. However, as for me, the best place to fish in is a river.Several years ago, there was a drama film A River Runs Through It. I recommend it to every fishing addict. I recommend it not for its philosophy of life, just because it’s a film of fishing. It simply adds joy to life when you gaze at the river, stare at the fisherman throwing his fishing line that describing a perfect arc through the bright sky. Wha

Somebody asked me: Is it better to use which bait in deep water?Down shot?Texas Rig?Or VIB?
The more difficult it is to make a relatively accurate judgment when the preconditions are less. In fact, this kind of question needs to be considered in a wide range. How deep the water is it? What about the target fish? What is the condition of baits? Is the water turbid or clear? Are there obstacles and water plants? Is there a shoal? It is very difficult to judge by giving a relative standard.

The biggest fish in the river gets that way by never being caught.

There is no doubt that every fisherman carries a big dream -to catch a big fish! So do I! Bu

Compared to fishing in freshwater, Sea fishing is increasingly popular among fishermen due to its complex environment. However, the Sea fishing is completely different from fresh water,so the past experience is usual useless.There is no certain understanding of the ocean, even if it is an old angler, the catch may well be worse than the newbie. Today, let's talk about skills about Sea fishing.

When winter comes, temperature begin to decrease, and the average fishing method can catch fewer and fewer fish. In the north, you can enjoy the Ice fishing that the southern fishermen can't enjoy while fishing in winter. The attraction of Ice fishing lies in the special weather, but most fishermen do not master the skills and the best time of Ice fishing . Today we will discuss the best time for Ice fishing and some tips must to pay attention to.

Graphical Illustration of Lure Fishing Rigs,Soft Bait Fishing Group about TEXAS RIG,CAROLINA RIG,SPLIT SHOT,Lead-free fishing group (NO SINKER),DOWN SHOT,JIG HEAD RIG,WACKY STYLE,Swim Baits.

Scientists can always judge actual age through a certain age-recorded part of the creature that whether we have seen or not seen in our life. For example, the "annual rings" of the most common trees, the teeth of horses, the back of turtles, etc., are some special method to identify the age of living things. As for fish that are most exposed to our fishermen, most of them have "annual rings": they are generally marked by scales.

let FISH PABY get to know the Soft Baits.In the Lure, the importance of the bait is obvious. It is often said that "the choice of the  right bait can catch the fish". The soft bait is mostly made of colloidal material. It has a soft and natural effect that cannot be compared with the hard bait. In BASS fishing, the soft bait is extremely high usage. There are many types of baits, and the usage is also changing. When choosing and using, it is inevitable that people don't know where to choose.

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