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New Point of Fishing Skills

About tungsten fishing tackle articles and fishing skills.How to select fishing spots, how to choose fishing rod, how to select fish line.

On March, my friend told me that there will be amount of yellow tail fishes in Malaysia, it is something of yellow tail fish season. His speech aroused strong i

Last time we talked about Top Secret of Buzzbait Trick,Continue to finish what I have not finished today.Tip No.4 The Wrongdoing in Muddy Water
It is generally

Often talking about fishing skills, today we talk about sea fishing current knowledge.First, the Kuroshio Current

Fishing in the marine environment must natura

Popper is a bait of lure, and friends who love lure fishing should always hear it. Recently, I also saw a message from some lure enthusiasts: A lure master used

Sea fishing is a sport that many fishermen who are far away from the sea dream of. Taking advantage of the holidays, everyone can go out and try it out. Today,

Buzzbaits are the most special kind among the baits, they could be saw, heard, and felt by when they are buzzing, and human being can detect the slightest actio

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Last time we have discussed the target fish,special environment,equipment,method of throwing and reel of Sea fishing.We know that Sea fishing also requires tung

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